CIA man fired over Iran

22 Year CIA Analyst Fired 4 Refusing to Falsify Iran Intellegince

Keith Olbermann's reaction to this Washington Post report:
"A former CIA operative who says he tried to warn the agency about faulty intelligence on Iraqi weapons programs now contends that CIA officials also ignored evidence that Iran had suspended work on a nuclear bomb. The onetime undercover agent, who has been barred by the CIA from using his real name, filed a motion in federal court late Friday asking the government to declassify legal documents describing what he says was a deliberate suppression of findings on Iran that were contrary to agency views at the time..." >>>FULL TEXT



گفتار نیک


... not in vogue in CIA


Who is CIA working for?

by Mehdi on

American people? Hah. Looks like they work for someone else?


the CIA guy was probably inside Iran

by John Carpenter III (not verified) on

Bush and the Republican party are the biggest joke in the universe. Everyone knows that the day this guy is out of office charges will be made against him and the V.P. And the charges against him will bring down the Republican party as we know it. The republican party of today is like the Whig party just before the Civil war. America will be left with a liberat Democrat party and afterwards, there will be created a radical liberal party.