Chomsky on Iran and Iraq

Afshin Rattansi interviews Noam Chomsky

June 2008: Will there be a U.S. military attack on Iran? How do you characterize the Iraq Security Pact? Why is Afghanistan considered a "good war"?


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by Abarmard on

I can't argue with what's the truth. Thanks Mr. Chomsky, you are an amazing man.


Chomsky, The greatest intellectual alive

by 135 (not verified) on

By far he is the greatest philosopher, political analyst/activist and intellectual alive in the world.

If you seek political/social awareness, then check his research, lectures and insights;
Manufacturing Consent(utube)
Distorted Morality(
Charlie Rose,Noam Chomsky, Shirin Neshat(utube)
The corporation(
The Imperial Grand Strategy(
The Cutting Edge of the Political Left(utube)
Noam Chomsky on Charlie Rose(utube)
The Militarization of Science and Space(google)
Failed States The Abuse of Power and the Assault on Democracy(
Noam Chomsky Debate with Alan Dershowitz(utube)
Noam Chomsky,William Buckley debate(vgoogle)
free market fantasies(utube)
an American addiction(utube)
and ofcourse Ali G's interview, innit?


amazing .. Dr. Chomsky must hate USA?

by shirazie (not verified) on

Imagine if an Iranian said things like that.

Oh, Hamid Izadi did .. "OBAMA Change this"

He is a true American.. He believes people of this country actually can influence their gov.

After 40 odds living here, this is the most important election of these United States. This is a about the future of my children who were born and raised here