Campaigning to end stoning in Iran


[DOWNLOAD REPORTS] Eleven people in Iran - nine of them women - are waiting to be stoned to death on charges of adultery. Many have been sentenced after grossly unfair trials. Amnesty International has called on the country's authorities to immediately abolish this grotesque punishment, which is specifically designed to increase the suffering of its victims. Iran's Penal Code prescribes execution by stoning as the penalty for adultery by married persons. It even dictates that the stones are large enough to cause pain, but not so large as to kill the victim immediately. Amnesty International is calling for urgent changes to Iranian law to ensure that no one can be sentenced to death for adultery, whether by stoning or any other means. "We welcome recent moves towards reform and reports that the Majles (Iran's parliament) is discussing an amended Penal Code that would permit the suspension of at least some stoning sentences," said Malcolm Smart, Director of Amnesty International's Middle East Programme. "But the authorities must go much further, and take the steps needed to ensure that the new Penal Code neither permits stoning to death nor provides for execution by other means for adultery.">>>FUL TEXT


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Rosie T.

If you want to deal with Kouroush about his I-dent-ity

by Rosie T. on

go to Kouroush's blogs please.  He has four. This blog is about STONING.  There are several very serious posts here which deserve to be seen and read.  They are informative.  Thanks.



Re: Koroush Sassanian " Don't lie you are NOT Zartoshti"

by west (not verified) on

How long did it take for you to pick a religion??

You are Not Zartoshti.I am telling this because of your previous comments.You said it.

You said you are a Muslim but you don't like to be a Muslim,but now suddenly from no where

YOU ARE A "ZARTOSHTI" & " Zartoshti past" it is Funny.

You are like a "Chameleon". (Molavan)


I want to tell everyone that I am a "Zartoshti" ..

by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

Also, I was brought up among the Jewish people.

Please forgive me if my rheoteric is somewhat strong and offensive. But the combination of my Zartoshti past, and Jewish upbringing, has led to this.

My hatred of Islam is primarily from that. Also, my support of Jewish causes is primarily because they were good to me.

Thanks for your patience


Re: Help him You right

by keyan (not verified) on

You right,ignoring him(Koroush Sassanian)is the best strategy to deal with him. I'll try.

Rosie T.

Mehdi and Tinoush are right...

by Rosie T. on

Judaism contains laws just as barbaric as Islam in the scriptures.  Christianity was a great advancement over Judaism in that it advocated "turning the other cheek", mercy over justice, and "let he who has not sinned cast the first stone", scripturally.  HOWEVER the depredations of the Catholic Inquisition were every bit as barbaric as the worst tortures of Khomeini (and the Shah), and very widespread. They had no basis in Scripture but were enforced by the Church.  Then came Protestantism which was responsible for the witch hunts, which basically decimated a sizable percentage of the female population of Europe because of their adherence to folk practices in religion, medicine, etc. which were not consistent with the emerging "rational" paradigm of Protestantism. The first settlers in the US, extremist Protestants, were known for their witch hunts and quite horrific punishments for very ordinary behaviors that were deemed unacceptable. 

The problem of Islam is that since its great fluoresence in the Middle Ages, it declined and didn't keep up with the "West".  So the West had a Renaissance and a secular ENlightenment, and its Christian countries and the state of Israel no longer enforce these punishments tied to religion.  However they also perpetrated the Holocaust and invented the atomic bomb.  And it seems to me as though the more insanely and exponentially violent the technologies of the "Enlightened" "West" become, the more the Middle East institutionalizes these primitive forms of scripturally institutionalized "legal" violence, almost as a kind of shadow reaction.

"These are strange times, my dear." But we live in a global village so there's hope.  Because things are just so BAD they CAN'T stay the way they are.  It can go either way.  And if you want to make sure it goes the good way, blaming Islam won't help. People worldwide have become more religious, not less, contrary to predictions.  Muslims like to be Muslims because it makes them comfortable to have that dientity. Given the opportunity, most of them, and CERTAINLY their children, would be DELIGHTED to have a Shariah-free Islam, just as Jewish Israel has no stonings  (they only do their violence you know where with their weapons) and Christian Europe (now expunged of most of its Jews through its technologies) no longer has witch hunts or Inquisitions.  If you make a careful distinction between IslamaCISM and Islam, you won't polarize ordinary Muslims into the hands of totalitarians who use Sharia as a tool of control.  And hopefully things will balance out. So be careful with your rhetoric, be understanding and educate people. and guide them toward a Sharia-free, stoning-free, even a hijab-free Islam.  It is perfectly conceivable.  But to dream of eradicating Islam itself anytime soon...well...people still like to say their prayers....it gives them a sense of comfort, security, identity.

David ET

Amnesty International

by David ET on

This week Amnesty International issued a 30 page comprehensive report about stoning in Iran.

Copy of the report can be found here


Yes Keyvan, I know...

by Help him... (not verified) on

Yes Keyvan, I know... but he just thrives
on attention...
I we deny him that, it's like we're taking away his only method of getting people angry and giving further vicious and ugly information, and further attacking people.
I know most likely people won't participate much cause he makes them so angry and they want to respond, but have you noticed some of our regular posters who used to leave him long lengthy comments don't do it any more...
I'm sure they still have a lot to say to him ,but have ceased to do so... I believe it is a good idea !


Re: Help him "I tried ...."

by keyan (not verified) on

It is good Idea.But sometimes he is giving wrong information and wrong idea that you can't ignore it.You have to answer.He is such a pain in the neck! He believes what he believes.He is unreasonable person for sure.


Why don't we all...

by help him... (not verified) on

People why don't we all Ignore this IGNORAMUS KS together.
Let him write a blog ... or whatever... no one leave him a comment... no one respond with anything.
It'll be as if he is talking to himself, which I'm sure he does anyway.
He is just spewing venom and hatred. and He is not well... not well at all. So just let him be ...ignore him altogether...
The poor man who by the things he has expressed so far (must be in his early to mid fifties)wants attention but does not know how to go about to get it in a positive way... he is just out of the loop... he needs help, but does not accept it... so we've just got to ignore him for his own sake and for the sake of the younger people on this site...
those below 30.
Perhaps in time he'll realize he needs help and go seek someone to help him out ...maybe ... I hope so...
But for the time being let's ignore him and see what happens!


Re: Korosh Sassanian About using word "Coward"

by west (not verified) on

YOU AGAIN, I told you this word (COWARD)many times before,about to write an Article about Christian and Jew.
I asked you many times,if you are so Brave,Criticize them as you are criticizing Muslims.Because you live in Open Society you can say what ever you want to say. "YOU COULDN'T " COWARD".

NOW I think you "LIKE" to USING IT in your comment.

Because you wrote it SEVERAL TIMES ."COWARD" we still waiting.


The way you talk ,it is clear you are NOT " an Iranian",if not why are you coming to this site . "You don't KNOW anything"


Do you know the population of Iran is 70,000,000 and almost 85% to 90% of Iranian are Muslims. So you are saying almost 90% are coward???.YOU ARE REALLY SOMETHING?!

As I said before You have to respect the religion of majority of Iranian.

Your question is stupid and dumb. That's your old opinion and nobody even care. YOU always write same things over and over again, nothing is NEW.

Another thing don't use this STRONG sentence "These Poor innocent people" you don't know they are innocent or not. Because some of these people are CHILD RAPIST, PEDOPHILE, MURDERER....


By the way "Akbar" not "Abar"

DON'T LABEL Me, like these :
"A Seyed" "A Muslim" " An Arab" or " A Posdar "

I am not`a religious person at all,I am just an Iranian. I like everything being Equal.



by london (not verified) on

Bah bah, hajiagha your English is improving!
Keep it up! Great!
As for what is being said here:
Perhaps some of you remember the days when we were kids and Moslems, our parents and grand-parents were Moslems. Your grandma (or in some cases great-grandma wore a chador) held a Koran over your head when you went away (to the UK or US perhaps to study)!
Do you remember when Mah-e Ramezan was a holy month that you didn't mind, and even liked at times, 'cause the family got together for Eftar!
You loved your grandma in her white chador-namaz when she prayed 'cause she looked holy and would always say encouraging things to you when she finished her namaz and you could feel that she was beaming inside.......
Do you remember those days and more?
I do!
Islam is the same Islam.(Every religion's sharia should change with the times, but the basics of God and humanity should stay the same, since they are all the same in every religion because they all come from the same God)
Here we are blaming it on Islam.
We find out all religions have said the same thing in the past but times have changed! Funny isn't it? --Not really funny in the ha-ha sense but sad-funny! Very sad-funny!


this is totally barbarian law

by hajiagha on


this is one of the kind, and totally barbarian law and we do not have evidence in Islam God told to Mohammad some one should be punish like that?

janbaz jang va baradar scheid ham hastam



Killing is wrong no matter how or by whom!

by peace (not verified) on

I'm against killing another human being for any reason or in the name of capital punishment in any form and method, but I don't think that this barbaric act is specific to muslims and the Islamic countries.

History is full of examples of crimes against humanity in every corner of the world. We have not yet forgotten recent massacres in Bosnia, Cambodia, Algeria, China, and above all in Germany. So, criminal behavior is more of the human nature and not attributable to specific religion, race or nationality. Just look what the Americans have done in Iraq and Afghanistan in the name of fight against terrorism.

So, while many of the criticisms expressed here are justified, it is unfair to condemn just Muslims and Islam for the worst evil acts committed in the world.

With all the hatred that I see here, I'm not sure if some of the people who resort to verbal attacks would do any differently if they ever come to power.

Kouroush Sassanian

Mehdi allah o Abar...

by Kouroush Sassanian on

Can you tell why you love and follow a man who was child rapist, pedophile, murderer? 

Don't change the subject! Answer the question put to you. Cowards, you Iranian muslims are cowards and can not even face this simple question!

I have no issue with Arabs per se, but do with Iranians who are cowards, sold themselves to Arab invaders! Iranians who worship a man who raped, and looted their land - people like you!

It is people like you who cast the first stones at these poor innocent people stuck in the ground in the name of Islam! Shame on you, Cowards!!!


Kouroush Sassanian: Hatred for Arabs?

by Mehdi on

From your comments it seems that you consider that being an Arab is a crime or something really awefull. You seem to consider calling someone an Arab as the ultimate insult! Would you care to elaborate on that? Are you saying now that in addition to Muslims, Arabs must also be all burned to cinders by atomic weapons (probably provided by Israel)? Tell us why you have such a hatred for Arabs? What crimes have you committed against them that you now feel you have to justify by trying to make them less than worthy?


By the way, I guess you had no response for my comments actually? Just insults? Is that it?

Kouroush Sassanian

Show us one country in the West

by Kouroush Sassanian on

that followed the chapter and verse you quoted in recent history. Please tell us Arabzadeh!  Tell us about the last person stoned to death in the West. Arabs and their apologies - look, the Bible says it too .  . . Iran deserves to stay in the dark ages 


From the Bible...

by tinoush on

Deutronomy 25:11-12

"If two men are fighting and the wife of one of them comes to rescue her
husband from his assailant, and she reaches out and seizes him by his
private parts, you shall cut off her hand. Show her no pity."

Just as in Sharia law, other religions also perscribe what would be considered barbaric punishment. Islam is no different. What is currently different is the rampant racism and Islamophobia fomented politically by certain people.


به به به tinoush

Anonymous. (not verified)

به به به tinoush جون چقدر خوب حرف میزنی - قربونه زبونت - بقیه شماهم یاد بگیریدچطوری منتقی حرف بزنید - هرکسی میتونه دهنش رو باز کنه و نابجا حرف بزنه - اما با انصاف بودن و توجه کردن به بقیه کروهها هست که انسان بودن ادمها رو نشون میده.

Kouroush Sassanian


by Kouroush Sassanian on

you vant some bebsi before a' you bark your kar! Your leader raped little girls, he killed thousands of people - what the heck are you talking about not condemning a whole faith based little bitty and small indescretions!

You chose the name Mehdi because your beobles were bent over the barrel of Islam, not by choice by force!



by Ensaff (not verified) on

It saddens me to see my fellow Iranian so naive and uninformed of the Abrahamic religions, which Islam is one and the last.

The penalty for adultery is very clearly spelt out in the Bible, first said by Profit Moses and later confirmed by Jesus. Islam has slightly modified to reduce the harshness of the penalties involved in Adultery by requiring proofs in the most difficult way. It should be understood here that no profit can change God’s orders passed to man by his messengers. i.e Jesus could not change what Moses brought and Mohammad could not change what Moses and Jesus told mankind, in the so called their books ‘ The Bible” which includes old & new testament.

The removal of the adulterer and adulteress in the way of putting both to death has noting to do with Islam. It originates from Profit Moses and later confirmed by profit Jesus. See //bible.cc/leviticus/20-10.htm . It reads as follows:

“”” If there is a man who commits adultery with another man's wife, one who commits adultery with his friend's wife, the adulterer and the adulteress shall surely be put to death.
GOD'S WORD® Translation (©1995)
"If a man commits adultery with another man's wife or with his neighbor's wife, both he and the woman must be put to death for their adultery
King James Bible
And the man that committeth adultery with another man's wife, even he that committeth adultery with his neighbor's wife, the adulterer and the adulteress shall surely be put to death. “””
So please stop relating these penalty to the Islamic Republic. If Amnesty International has any problem with this law, they should contact the Jewish Rabbis to address this and not the Islamic Republic. If anyone can change this law it is Profit Moses and no other.
Leaving this to one side. Marriage is a contract in which both parties are bound to respect the terms of the contract. When two people marry in Iran they are well informed and aware of the conditions of their union-ship, and if one party breaks the contract she/he MUST pay the penalties for not respecting the contract's terms.
I admire the I.R.of Iran for being one of the few countries who respect the laws of marriage.


to Tinoush and Mehdi

by another-convinced (not verified) on

So you're saying that stoning is only an Iranian thing and it has to do with IRI? Then how about the hand and finger cutting? How about the fact that the women can be beaten by their husband and their value is half of the men? Is this also invented by IRI?

If you look around you, you'll see religious people everywhere (in Us and un Europe), but none of them are practicing this type of "punishment".

Come on! Why you don't just tell us that YOU are the IRI agents and you're paid to say these BS?


If You Must See My Response

by Mehdi on

I am 100% with tinoush. It is outright dishonest to take such practices and use them to condemn a whole faith and anybody who believes in it. It is also very counter-productive if you were by any chance actually interested in improving conditions as opposed to being simply stupid or wanting a little attention (15 minutes of fame) or worse, working for Mosad/CIA/Savama/KGB and such criminal organizations and their masters. Blaming such practices on a religion or its adherents is similar to blaming the forceful occupation of Palestine on Judaism (it has nothing to do with it) or blaming the anhilation of the American Indians by the White Man on Chrtistianity (again, has nothing to do with it). You want to bring about awareness of barbaric practices, do it properly. There is no need to insult everybody in the process. Inspect your motives. They may not be as pure as you think.


It is our own faults,

by Fatollah (not verified) on

It is our own faults, really. We should not blame others for the current misery in Iran. Only, ourselves! Fatollah


Barbarity and Stupidity

by tinoush on

In 1999, three white Texans chained a black man to the back of their truck and dragged him to death. Just recently, a 15-year old black teenager was sentenced to 7 years in jail for pushing a hall monitor. And there is also the case in Jena. When are you people going to wake up and have a pragmatic approach to solving Iran's problems instead of heapping on more hatred and barbarity on top of what already has brewed in that country? Stop mixing the issues. Islam, Christianity, Judaism, etc. can all be barbaric and if you would get over you racism for one moment you would see that. What goes on in Iran (or any other Muslim dictatorship) has nothing to do with Islam, as much as what goes on in Gaza and West Bank has nothing to do with Judaism, and what goes on in American prisons has nothing to do with Christianity. To blame an entire faith for the behavior of cruel and wicked rulers is STUPID to say the least.

Face it, there will always be Muslims in Iran regardless of the type of its government. If we are genuinely intrested in improving its government, we ought to be secular and inclusive in our approach. Condemn stonings and fanaticism, but stop fanning the flames of Islamophobia lit by the likes of Pat Robertson.


Thanks for proving the savagery of Islam

by Another_convinced (not verified) on

Thanks Proofs!

It proves the backwardness and the total stupidity of Islam so well, and plus it shows such a misogynic religion it is.


What's your point?

by da!!!! (not verified) on

Any way shape or form this is a savage form of punishment that is being practiced by moslems. (by the way they Mohamad copy this like a lot of other things from jews!)At least jews are not practicing some of these stupid stiff. Any one who calls himself a "muslem" should answer for this barbaric practice.


Do you know what is worst?

by Nader on

People who stand around, watch and participate in this "barbaric" event!


Kouroush Sassanian

Islam is misunderstood . . .

by Kouroush Sassanian on

Islam is far more savage!


Please read...

by proof (not verified) on

In accordance with hadith, stoning to death is the penalty for married men and women who commit adultery. In addition, there are several conditions related to the person who commits it that must be met.

One of the difficult ones is that the punishment cannot be enforced unless there is a confession of the person, or four male eyewitnesses who each saw the act being committed. All of these must be met under the scrutiny of judicial authority For unmarried men and women, the punishment prescribed in the Qur'an and hadith is 100 lashes.

Similarly, under Sharia a woman who is accused of adultery cannot be punished unless there are four male eyewitnesses (or eight female ones, since two females equal one male witness) to prove she did commit adultery.


Where are defenders of savage Islam?

by Irandokht (not verified) on

Ali, Mehdi, Hussien, Hassan, Islamists: Where are you guys now? When are you going to stop this pain?

Your Allah has offered us nothing but pains and sufferings.