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Iranian American kids


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Ali P.

To : IRANdokht

by Ali P. on

"man keh rah bordam beh ganjeh hosneh bee-paayaaneh doost

sad gedaayeh hamcho khod raa ba'd az iin ghaaroon konam..." 



Ali P.


They are wonderful. They are

by maz (not verified) on

They are wonderful. They are talking Persian much better tahn many adults I observed.

Zeandeh bashin. Khoob Farsi sohbat mikonin.


I love these kids

by IRANdokht on

they are trying so hard to speak farsi, I give them a lot of credit! what sweet little girls!

yadeh Ordoo bekheyr...  of course we were a tad older but it was awesome!! 

Ali P. jan geryeh nakon...   one day you'll be teaching your kids to sing that song and it'll be a lot of fun!



Ali P.

I was one once...

by Ali P. on

It applies to these kids, as it did to us, 35 years ago:

 Maa golhaayeh khandaaneem,

farzandaaneh iraaneem,

maa sarzameeneh khod raa,

maanandeh jaan meedaaneem...

( how do you show a tear, rolling down your face...?)


Ali P.