Cameron Alborzian

Famous model turned Yogi-Lifestyle coach

His website:

* Here he talks at Google's corporrate headquarters about himself and what he teaches.
* Here's his YouTube channel where people can see his educational videoclips.


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Thanks PG.  I know.  My

by desi on

Thanks PG.  I know.  My mom has other strange names for the human sexual anatomy:)  Joys of being raised by Iranian parents.  She used to be a professor of nursing too.  Go figure.

Party Girl

Dear Desi

by Party Girl on

My sentiments, exactly!


By the way, from another post, "mashang" means a little crazy, a little eccentric.  Your mother's suggested vocabulary will need to be submitted to "farhangestan-e-adab-e-Parsi" to be added if approved! I thought it was cute, though!  Maybe she meant "ghashang?!!!"  But even that won't make much sense, I'm afraid!


Now how the hell am I

by desi on

Now how the hell am I supposed to concentrate and find inner peace when this dude's my yogi?