Bushehr UFOs

Supposedly above port city where's Iran's nuclear power plant in located




by nader etrw (not verified) on

i agree with u that its not real or at least its not IRAN ..aqs my friend said where was the anti air forces when these huge objects flew on the sky of acity like Bushehr where its sky is under the maximum protection of weapen because of the nuclear site ......
so childish if we agree that its Bushehr...


Good (Not Excellent) Special Effects

by aaminian on

Spootair, this video has been roaming around the Internet for a few months now and it comes under different titles. Here is one on the Youtube titled "UFO Haiti Proof it's Fake..." and its URL is



Computer graphics is very advanced these days and if you have the right equipment you can create Hollywood-quality clips!


UFO with a Terrestrial Technology (UFOTT)

by Hajminator on


Listen when they fly above the camera, it seems to be reactors -- expensive multi-billion ones as CIA has the art to do it; but reactors pushing the air away ...



I'm God and you don't even know it...

by Saman on

Bushehr ain’t got no mountains!!! And if these really were the damn UFO … then it’d be Unidentified Flying Objects from Pentagon or Israel.


Radio Farda Piece

by Anonymous Observer (not verified) on

Radio Farda recently had an article on UFO's in Iran. Here's the link:




by the naive one (not verified) on

and spooky!

even ET wants to take a peek at Iran's nuclear sights

who's Israel compared to ET!! ;-)


very fake

by AnonymousUFO (not verified) on

here is the original post in youtube from year 2007:


fake UFOs

by ReZZa_BoZZorge on

This clip has already been identified as fraud...if you notice all the palm trees are exactly the same...this just does not happen in nature....wishful thinking or maybe trying to scare people....maybe soon but not yet not Bushehr.


Beam 'em up please

by Shirazie (not verified) on

Looks real to me .. Please beam Up George, Ahamdnejadia , the guy in Israel ( who is in charge over there?)

Jahanshah Javid

Nahh... can't be!

by Jahanshah Javid on

Looks like it's been filmed on Santa Monica beach! Besides, those flying things can't be real... come on.

Are you telling me this is the first time UFOs have ever been filmed and they happened to be over Bushehr where Iran's nuclear power plant is being completed? Were Iranian anti-aircraft units asleep as these huge objects slowly went by at low altitude?

Are these alien ships? Or part of a propaganda war?

Anyway... nice try. Very nice special effects :o)

(I'm still spooked! Nakoneh real baashan!!)