Bush deceptive on Iran

Keith Olbermann scathing commentary

This aired last October, although still relevant in these tense times. Also see his recent commentary on false claims of weapons flowing from Iran into Iraq>>>



His latest comments...

by BeeTaraf on

Please check the following link for his latest amzing commentary!



May be there is hope?

by BeeTaraf on

Tide is turning for Mr. GWB!

People are waking up!
It is really a shame on our Humanity that It took 6 long years and such
incredible death & destruction on all sides.

As John Lennon sings
it best;

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace...

How can we improve our lives? Make it a little better than


respond to Olberman

by Morteza (not verified) on

Olberman don,t know Bush is the only American President wich always defended iranian peaple .INevery speech he mad he always brouth up violation of human right in Iran .He always said if he attak Iraq he got wrong information from inteligent agency .So in over all i defend Bush as a good president


'freedom of speech'

by kent (not verified) on

Good for America and good for
Keith Olbermann!
There is 'freedom of speech' and this is 'speech'!

-- He'll probably Never Ever get invited to sup at the white house, or even it's vicinity!!


Midwesty in sher yani

by Sam (not verified) on

Midwesty in sher yani chi?
Please elaborate, my Persian's not that good.


Khar forooshaneh yeki ba

by Midwesty on

Khar forooshaneh yeki ba degari dar jang ast....leek chon vanegari mottahede yek karand....(Molana)



by Zion on

He is not a self-hating Jew. He is just an idiot. What am I supposed to say, he really cracks me up.
Don't be jealous Q, you crack me up too...in your own special way.

It's not fun being a ``might makes right`` militant ideologue propagandist anymore
Well, you should know.


8:34 minutes....

by Majid on

The entire 8:34 minute long clip was summed up very cleverly with this phrase:

G.Dubia and his Ventriloquist Mr. Dick head !

Enough said, " To khod hadees mofassal bekhaan az een mojmal" 


Zion, your job is getting harder and harder

by Q on

the pro-Israel propaganda just doesn't sell as easily as it used to, am I right sister?

That's right. Deflect with humor, change the topic to "clowns", anything to obfuscate the message. Classic techniques.

How many people do you think it fooled though?

The lies are getting exposed by courageous people all over America. It's not fun being a "might makes right" militant ideologue propagandist anymore.



by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

what a refreshing voice in journalism.

(yes Zion, Keith is yet another "self-hating" Jew in a long line of people who don't serve at the alter of Zio-Fascism)


A Clown

by Zion on

Olbermann is a clown. I like watching him, his surreal serious face is what always cracks me up.


He got the Bull by the horns!

by Nader on

I love this guy.

Bush is a disgrace. Because of him, Amercicans cannot hold their heads up any where in the world!

DISGRACE is the word!


WOW, God Bless America!

by Mitra from khuzistan (not verified) on

WOW, God Bless America! Truth still matters.

Iran must have nuclear program yes, yes Under a Democratic Government. Mullahs need to gooooo packing to the hell hole that they came from. Our beloved Shah started the program but current satanic regime put a stop to many progress.



by Abarmard on

Love it when they catch the idiot (Bush) on his own words. God of the free speech.


Keith Olbermann is a great American

by John Carpenter III (not verified) on

Keith Olbermann thank you. You are a great American.

The "World War 3" scenario is crazy.

The US should open up to the Iranian government in Tehran and Qom.

The economic sanctions against Iran should once and for all be abolished.

There should be direct talks without any pre-conditions with the Iranian government.

President Bush should go to Tehran and have a direct meeting with Ayat'Allah Khamenei. This is the only way to solve the situation at hand.


Keith Olbermann thank you

by sadegh on

Keith Olbermann thank you - one of the few signs that the American corporate media hasn't gone totally insane!!!


Took the words right out of my mouth

by cyrus- (not verified) on

man mikhastam hamino begam dige ,, in nazasht. LOL