Bourghani: Freedom of the press

Speech in parliament (2001)

Ahmad Bourghani Farahani (1959 – 2008) was an influential Iranian reformist politician, notable journalist, writer and political analyst. Bourghani was deputy minister of culture in charge of press affairs in President Khatami's cabinet. He was also head of IRNA in United Nations as well as member of Iranian parliament>>>



Reforming the devil... (Anonymous XY)

by Mehdi on

There are only two places on Earth where there is no devil: Israel and Camp Ashraf! Right?

My seuggestion to you is to take a trip to Iran. Don't act like a tourist. Go talk to people. Approach some mullahs and talk to them. You'll find out, most of them are humans just like you and I - maybe uneducated, superstitious and naive, but nevertheless human, and trying to reach the same goals as you and I, or nybody elase who lives in Israel or Camp Ashraf, etc. You are our of touch with reality, my friend. The ogre that you have created in your mind does not exist in real life.


Dariush, but the door and

by Mehdi on

Dariush, but the door and the window were both present and had given him the opportunity to come up with something - some solution. So what is the point of attacking the door and the window at that moment? Isn't that redundant and out of place?

I very much agree that the relative freeedom today comes from the hard work of many people in that country. But we must also learn to grow with these freedoms and not use them to cause further confusion and fights. Maybe we need to learn to ALSO celebrate our successes when we indeed succeed and not keep on nagging about the past when we had not succeeded!


longest journey?

by Mehdi on

I don't think the problem with our country is IRI (whatever that means). I think the issue is that even if nobody or nothing was stopping the people, they still wouldn't know where to go or what to do. And here is a great example! This gentleman has been given the floor to say what he wants and all he can do is attack the people who gave him the floor! I don't want to belittle this guy, he seem to be more or less sincere. But I am just trying to make the point that we don't know what we want and we don't know which way to go even if we had total freedom! That issue needs to be worked on too, not just be obssessed with some mythical creature called IRI (some people do think of it as a live creature). Let's realize that if we don't raise our own standards, we will not deserve a better system.


Mehdi: The longest journey starts with a single step

by Majid on

An analogy to think about:  consider the egg, so strong from the outside that it can bear the load of a table set on 4 eggs yet the tiniest chick can break through with little effort when hatching. 

The crack in the IRI will begin from within.


Reforming the devil...

by Anonymous XY (not verified) on

Reforming the IRI is like reforming the devil. Why support and walk with the devil and once the devil is strong trying to reform it?

All these reformists want iran and iranian to continue to be second class citizens and slaves to their ideology and islamic fanaticism. One cannot support a system that received a prosperous iran only to destroy it in just 30 years, and tolerate its oppression and suppression of so many and then talk about baby steps of reform at the same time. That is called hypocrisy and deceit.


Mehdi jaan

by Dariush (not verified) on

You say instead he gave excuse to reduce civil rights.

I just wanted to point out that he was citicizing IRI not the soviet Union in most of his speech. He was telling to the door, so the window hear it. He knew how to speak the language. Perhaps if there is a little more freedom today in Iran than before, is for genuine peoples like him. I am sure you disagree and I don't want to argue.

My God Bless His Soul.


A good man

by Mammad (not verified) on

Ahmad Bourghani was the a good, brave man. He also proudly considered himself a muslim and a reformist. People like me are also proud to consider themselves supporters of true patriots and reformists like Bourghani, who was not willing to sell his soul to the enemy; who stayed in Iran and did what he could to help Iran, and who never expected anything in return, unlike many Iranians in exile who have done nothing for Iran, but expect everything.

Yes, he and people like him are the true reformists that people like me support. God bless his soul, whose fruitfull life contributed to betterment of his nation.


Thank you

by sadegh on

Thank you for posting this video JJ. I enjoyed it greatly and it genuinely touched me. You have certainly done your part toward honoring Mr. Bourghani's memory and spreading awareness of his personal struggles to shine an ephemeral and fragile ray of light into what for the most part has been shrouded in all-consuming darkness: the struggle for freedom in Iran, whatever that means at the end of the day.  Btw, what incredible oratorical skill on display by this brave and courageous man!  



Romantic but not practical or useful

by Mehdi on

Why antagonize a government who has given you the opportunity to speak your mind? What is the point? Instead of this emotional romatic speach he should have offered some solutions that could be agreed upon by all or most. He could have demonstrated that improving conditions is good for everyone and good for Islam. Instead he is giving the regime more excuse to reduce civil rights (obviously people are not ready for it). When do we get past the obsession of being a hero or a revolutionary? When do we get past the point of trying to make a name for ourselves or trying to make people think that we are some kind of intelectual instead of just working for people? Alas, another opportunity for true improvement ruined here!

David ET


by David ET on

man agar barkhizam,

to agar barkhizi,

hame barmikhizand,

man agar benshinam,

to agar benshini,

che kasi barkhizad?!

Darius Kadivar

Bold Man

by Darius Kadivar on

Lonely are the Brave ...

God bless his soul.


Well said.

by پیام on

Great speech, pitty he is gone. Roohesh shad.



by A. Hassan Danesh, Sociologist (not verified) on

Had he spoken (Shouted) so enthusiasticly about electricity and free electricity for all iranians, he would have not only be living today and many more years ahead but also like kheomeini promises ... he would have quickly advanced himself to the core of the undisputed power politic polticians few elites...

Free press... what a bad choice...

Free housing for all
Free electricity for all
Free land for all
Free tansportation for all
Free health for all
Free food for all


Dorood Bar Farahani

by Dariush (not verified) on

I loved his speech!!! This is a true Iranian!!! Not the oppositions that take side with the enemy and promote war against Iran!!!