Blindfolded Witnesses

Iranian political prisoners talk about their horrifying experiences in prison

An important work in 5 parts below, shocking and heartbreaking.







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What happend to honesty?

by Mehdi on

Why don't they talk about the time when they were in the back of a motorcycle with a hand gun blowing someone's brains out in cold blood? One of them actually, in the first video, accidentally mentions that the killings started AFTER the Mujaheddin (MEK) performed some successful attacks on the regime. So KGB and CIA were fighting and KGB lost. Why is it a people's problem? When you take arms against a regime, which was not really justified, what do you expect will happen? Enough with the poetic hero-mentality Che Guevara image revolutionary BS. Let's do something more civilized now, instead of demanding more bloodshed or "avenging of the fallen comrades."


So Sad Though True

by Azi (not verified) on

Imagine how lucky these people had been, and come to think of it how many other stories we haven't heard because the story tellers are not among us!



by Mazloom on

I won't be able to sleep well for days, weeks...


Thank you Party girl Where

by aazaadeh (not verified) on

Thank you Party girl

Where is the rest of the film. Where we can get it?

This is our story. Don't be silent. open this dirty wound, open up and release it. Lets every body knows about these facts...don't be silent, don't...


Ashamed and proud

by Ashamed (not verified) on

I am ashamed of being Iranian after watching these videos and I am also proud. I am ashamed because I see how barbaric my countrymen are. I am proud for all those who gave their lives for freedom and humanity.


Must Read

by sad (not verified) on

-The Bathhouse by Farnoosh Moshiri

-Prisoner of Tehran by Marina Nemat


Blindfolded Witnesses

by airforcewife (not verified) on

I am sick to my stmach watching this.....It is amazing how they keep all these under cover.....I don't think Iranian people still have any idea what this regim is capable of!
I can not even imagine what these peple have have gone through.....
funny that we had this regim to get rid of the horible condition of the shah's prisoners.....
I just want to say to the people in the video...I am sorry and I am glad that they are alive , I hope we see our country free one day........

ebi amirhosseini

Party Girl aziz !

by ebi amirhosseini on

Thanks for posting;though sad,but it is never enough to hear about this important part of our history.


Your best posting so far

by ramintork on

I am a great fan of your postings; this one went through the chest right to the heart.

I hope that this evidence is properly documented to be used in the Human rights court.




Why don't we hear more of works like this?

by another iranian (not verified) on

Thank you Party Girl. I don't understand how it is that there is work like this series and we don't hear about it.

Why, people, why? We must hear. We must know. And here are these people telling us what we need to know and we don't even hear about their work.

What is wrong with our means of communication? I don't mean this question rhetorically -- I mean it as a real question. We are not such a huge population that we can't come up with better channels of communication and distribution. It's so frustrating.