Performing a modern "Baba Karam" dance

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Hello Dear soopoor, I agree

by Reza69 (not verified) on

Hello Dear soopoor,

I agree with your political views toward Iran, Mazandaran sea and etc. We Iranians know how to critisice and complaint but don't know where and to whom! Here on this web page I can post some views about dancers but I don't think it would help to nag or complaint about our miserable lives in Iran.

Just a question what have you done to make a difference and help positive canges in our country?

About the dance I should say Baba karam is not popular amoung younge people in Iran anymore. its time expired 30 years ago. Baba karam still could be interesting for Iranians out of Iran or older generations who still live in their dreams of "Irane Zamane Shah"!


cheap Iranian entertainment

by critic (not verified) on

they are not even in sync! no harmony, absolutely none. I would say that abgoosht is missing on the stage.
a note to the impressed: you don't have to impressed by everything and anything that carries a "Persian" or "Iranian" tag. Our first and foremost cultural ingredient is missing: a bit of constructive criticism.
for instance, Shahrokh Meshkinghalam is fabulou, a true professional in dance, Beshkan is not. Please try to be honest and stop flattering the unworthy.


who cares about Africa?

by soopoor (not verified) on

ببين عزيز من نه مخالف ِ رقص هستم نه موزيك ِ خوب...شايد هم كلمهِ بى خيال تاثير ِ بد روم گذشت چون اين روز ها يك ايرانى يه واقعى نميتواند بى خيال ِ حوادث داخل ِ كشور اش باشه،شايد هم نا هماهنگى يه اين خانم ها كه البته از نظر ِ ما ايرانى هاى پر افاده بهترين و زيباترين ها روى زمين هستند،باعث شد كه ناراحت بشم،نميدونم بهر حال من عقيده يه خودم رو گفتم همين....كسانى كه در خارج هستن نمى خواهند بفهمند كه مردم ِ داخل ِ ايران اصلا هم خوش ندارند كه اينهمه لهجۀ انگليسى يه قاطى با فارسى و اينهمه بى خيالى يه هموطنان ِ خودشون رو نسبت به مسائل ِ ايران ببينند.اصلا اين تلويزيون هاى خارج از ايران باعثِ خوش حالى يه دولت ِ ايران شدند و جدايى ها رو بوجود اوردن...اونا ديگه آخرين ضربه رو به رشته هايى كه ما رو به هم وابسته كرده بود زدند و ما ها رو از هم جدا كردن..چرا اين رو نمى خواهيد بفهميد؟به من چه كه در آفريقا چى ميگذره.من كه آمريكاى نيستم كه از فرطِ خوشى برم ببينم كجاى دنيا به كمك ِ من احتياج داره..من كشور خودم پر از مشكلات ِ كه واقعا نميشه بى خيال باشم...يعنى با اينهمه امكانات نميشه يك شو ِ واقعى و با كيفيت تو خارج درست كرد كه مخاطب هاى خارجى يه غير دوست و آشنا داشته باشه و پولش واسه مردم ِ داخل ِ ايران خرج بشه؟تا كى فقط خودمون رو گول ميزنيم كه هنر نزدِ ما است و بس؟چند وقت ِ پيش يك شو ِ رقص و آواز ِ ژاپنى رو در يك تلويزيون ِ انگليسى ميديدَم كه همه اجرا كننده ها از نسل ِ دوم يا سوم بودند اما همه چيز واقعا ژاپنى بود و همين است مردم ِ جهان رو عاشق ِ يك فرهنگ ميكنه.چون اون فرهنگ خالص است و البته بى نقص به نمايش گذشته ميشه كه جذب ميكنه.

Azarin Sadegh


by Azarin Sadegh on

I have seen them perform (and I am not a parent :-) and I thought they were very good. Their dance is original and fun to watch.

Thanks for posting it after so many seriously heated debates on and so many terrible news from Iran. We all needed to breathe a little bit.

Plus, life is not all about justice and politics and hunger in Africa and misery...It is also about happiness, art and laughter, or "bi-khiali" as some might say.



I wish I could "Bikhial"

by IRANdokht on

but life does go on...

Thanks Party girl, it was a nice music break from all the heartache




by sarekar (not verified) on

vali vaghean naa mizoon tamrin e bishtar ehtiaj daran.


Soopoor jon bekhial.

by Shah Hossein (not verified) on

Joonam inghadar jadee nageer.


bi khial e vatan

by soopoor (not verified) on

واقعا بى خيال ِ بچه هاى معتاد تو مدارس بى خيال ِ بچه هاى زيرِ ۱۸ سال كه دارن اعدام ميشن،بى خيال ِ ثروت ِ ملى كه داره غارت ميشه،بى خيال ِ فقر ،بى خيال ِ فحشا،بى خيال ِ درياى مازندران بى خيال ِ خليج ِ فارس بى خيال ِ ِ ملت ..بى خيال ِ وطن...بى خيال ِ خطر ِ جنگ روى سر مردم ِ داخل ِ كشور،بى خيال ِ قيمت هاى سر سام آور.بى خيال ِ شادى هاى خفه شده تو قلب ِ بچه هاى ايرانى. بى خيال ِ چوب روى سر دختر هاى ايرانى، بى خيال ِ بچه ها تو اوين كه واسه همه ما دارن فدا ميشن ..تو خارج بودن و كيف كردن و اداى ايرانى رو در آوردن رو عشق است...اون هم با يك رقص ِ نا هماهنگ ...لا اقل برين رقص ببينين ياد بگيرين تا فقط مامان بابا ها مشترى تون نباشن.


Beshkan rules!

by Nader on

Thanks to my dear friends Razieh and Shararaeh who co-own the academy.

They ROCK!