Atash e Zartusht

"Fire of Zoroaster" in Tajikistan

آتش زردشت

از خون سیاووش ایم، همخون سیاووش ایم؛

از جامه‌سپیدان ایم، هر جامه نمی‌پوشیم

هم‌سال اوستا ایم، هم آتش زردشت ایم؛

ما آتش زردشتی ناکشته نمی‌کشتیم

اسماعیل سامانی دیوار بخارا بود؛

ما هم‌وطن اوییم؛ او هم‌وطن ما بود

ما هم کوهِ خاراییم؛ دیوار بخاراییم

دیوار بخاراییم؛ ما هم کوهِ خاراییم

یک طایفه از لاهور، یک طایفه از توس ایم؛

هم وارث قاموس ایم؛ هم وارث ناموس ایم

همشهریِ فردوسی، همشهریِ اقبال ایم؛

همشهری به ناموس ایم؛ همشهری به اقبال ایم





Islamic regime of Iran (IRI)

by Koroush (not verified) on

Islamic regime of Iran (IRI) has no people support. With years of horrifying oppression, torture of people, increase of poverty, high inflation, a falling economy, etc., the hatred of Iranian people against IRI and mullahs have tremendously increased and has reached to an exploding point that only need a strong enough sparkle to explode and smash IRI. In the year 1988 alone about 9600 of dissent iranian freedom-seekers and political intellectuals
were executed in Evin prison and their tortured bodies were amputated, stoned, burnt or buried alive secretly.

Looking back into history, Parsia (Iran), land of a great civilized country, was invaded by barbaric nomad Arabs who massacred brutally at least a million innocent Persians, including women and childrens. The Zoroasterian libraries
and fire-temples (Atashkadeh) were demolished and burnt to ashes, where on their ruined places and bloods, mosques were built (Indeed, now suppose to be Persians' turn, to revenge by demolishing current mosques to ashes, re-building fire-temples once again, and killing IRI devils to the last of them). The engine of those terrors and massacres by
newly muslem!! Arabs in Persia, Europe, Africa and other places was the evil and satanic religion of Islam created by a terrorist prophet. In the recent years, this evil of 14 centuries ago is back and bringing fresh terror, massacre, destruction to innocent people of the world as you have seen so far. Currently the head of this snake
and Satanic cult is in Iran.

These are the reasons that nuke-bombing of current Iran leadership or IRI will be strongly supported by Iranian people to topple IRI and throw out dirt of islam (vicious cult of submission) from their land. Iranian people alone have no ability to overthrow the highly brutal and armed IRI regime. The IRI has hired thausands of Arabs in army to massacre Persians in case of their uprising and rioting. But despite these, there have been sporadic riots around
the country, such as bombing of the mosques in Shiraz (near Parsapolis and Pasargad) in April 2008. Also increasing pressures from inside and outside country, has caused IRI to make new moves to deceive, fool and delude Iranian people from a new revolution. For example: permission to women not to wear Hijab or islamic covering dress in Kish island, propaganda on a plea to the parliment to stop "amputation and stoning", bringing back Khatami, a moderate terrorist mullah, for possible future presidency as a green signal to the west, etc.

These are the reasons that nuke-bombing of current Iran leadership or IRI by Americans is highly supported by Iranians as Americans will be the savior and librator of Iran (similar to the Cyrus the Great, who was the savior and librator of Jews from brutal Babylon at 2500 years ago). Also not to forget, it's thanks to American friends who made
it real the justise and punishment of Iraqi butcher, MUSLEM Arab Saddam Hossain, who not only brutally massacred and chemically gased million innocent Persians, but did too to its own people (Kurds). About 6000 Iraqi Kurds were massacured by chemical weapons, like insects, by Iraqi butcher, MUSLEM Arab Saddam Hossain.

So the last days of IRI's tyranny has already started and the end of IRI will be the end of evil of Islam in PArsia and return or revive of a democratic nation and its superb history.

God bless America, the savior

Death to dirt of islam & barbarism,

Payandeh PARSIA.


oh dear

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

"Wake up
by Happy Boy (not verified) on Wed Aug 13, 2008 11:15 PM CDT

Hope Iranians will wake up one day and identify with their own roots rather than with Arabs thru Islam...1400 years of invasion..."

Oh dear, if that isn't literally jumping out of the frying pan right into the fire


Very Nice

by Dariush (not verified) on

Ey val be tajikestan !!!


Wake up

by Happy Boy (not verified) on

Hope Iranians will wake up one day and identify with their own roots rather than with Arabs thru Islam...1400 years of invasion...


Very beautiful

by Mazloom on

Very beautiful



by mahmoudg on

Although Mohamad has a special place in history on his own, but one hair of Zartosht the Parsi was worth more than all on Mohamad the Arab's hairy body.


Very nice

by Hajminator on


Thanks for posting the video showing that the iranian pride has still good times ahead


It made me proud

by Pround Iranian (not verified) on

It made me proud to know that Tajikestan was once a part on Iran,but it was also made me sad because of Ghajar government weakness we had to lose Tajikestan along with other portions of Iran to Russia.This is the way it is, the big fish eats the small fish.


Down with Namus

by Woman (not verified) on

This backward concept of Namus needs to be eliminated from our culture. Men should take their hands off their female relatives' bodies. Period!


Loved it

by Sadaia_qesa on


We need a blend of Islam that has more of this or at least is more tolarant of the Persian hirattage .

There will be a full cycle in search of cultural hirattage . I hope it will be a deep search and in terms of fashion as result of economic growth ... and not forced or e engineered .




I hope you can see the video now,

by Anonypishi (not verified) on


Love to go to Tajikistan but

by Anonypishi (not verified) on

can't get very good information on tourism.
And for those of you who have been good boys and girls a very lovely Tajik song:


جای ایرانی ها

Anonymous1234 (not verified)

جای ایرانی ها خالیه اونجا برن علم و کتل بیارن , زنجیر زنی کنند و سنج و دقل بزنند , نوحه بخونند و بچه هاشون رو مثل "علی اصغر" درست کنند و شام غریبان و چهلم راه بیندازند . تاجیک ها دستشون درد نکنه حتی فیلم داستانهای شاهنامه رو هم درست کرده اند . اما ما "امام علی" واقعا که ....



by Abarmard on

That at least Tajikestan is keeping some of the Persian Language arts alive. We might need it in the future :)


Yesss, pan-Iran...

by another iranian (not verified) on

Don't you just love Farsi speakers?

(That namoos talk, though, is a bit unsettling.)