Aslani in Turkish

Deniz Seki sings "Dile Kolay"

Based on Faramarz Aslani's "Ageh Yeh Rooz".


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Don't worry, you can get the

by Milka86 on

Don't worry, you can get the genealogy song made by a freelancer. Find one of them at and use this code "FAMILYTREE" to get even more benefit from the site. In addition, you can also do some projects there. Good luck.


Peace, people

by Anonymous-today (not verified) on

Iranians, Turks and Arabs are the constituent parts of a civilization that lasted over a 1000 years. Iranian culture was the main civilizing factor, no doubt about it. Just read the history. That's why the Turkish invaders from Central Asia adopted the culture of Iran and spread it in India and beyond. As Bernard Lewis once mentioned (for once he said something worth repeating) the Islam of South and East Asia was Persianized Islam. That being said, the three cultures have had a symbiotic relationship that has benefitted all. Just look at the language. There are plenty Turkish in Farsi and Persian in Turkish, and not only Azari but Turkish of Turk. All people except the bigots on all sides acknowledge the proximity of the people and cultures. Now, this is to that bigot Ehsan_USA. Iran has been ruled by more Turkic dynasties in the past 1000 years than the so-called Persians. Keep your chauvinistic, poisonous rubbish to yourself. Azaris are as Iranian as any Persian. Keep that genocidal language about assimilated and pure to your likes. Perhaps you should to move to Turky. Your likes have receptive ears there with their history of genocide against the Armenians and Kurds.


To Ehsan-usa

by Anonymous_mouse980 (not verified) on

Ehsan, I have had two messages to you on:

They didn't let one of them get through. Please read it.

ebi amirhosseini

Merci !!!

by ebi amirhosseini on

Dear Mr Kadivar

Thanks for sharing!


Why can't we just simply enjoy the music without making a racist comment !!

Azarbayejan = Azarabadegan = Aturabadegan

Atur = Azar = Atash ( fire )

Abad = sakhteh ( built )

Gan / an = suffix meaning : jaa = makan ( place )

The place of one of three most important ( including Khowrasan & Fars ) Zoroastreian temples( fire places ) before Islam.

best wishes

Viva Iran & Iranians (Fars,kurd,Azari,Baluchi,Lur,-




Faramarz's song will remain timeless..just wish...

by faryarm on


Faramarz's song will remain timeless..just wish...

a better video of it had been made , just as timeless... 


Just a song!

by Concerned Iranian (not verified) on

People! People! It's just a song. Enjoy it or leave it alone. Don't make everything a race/language issue. This is the key problem with us: we can't see the forest because of the trees.


To Ehsan - U(you),S(shamefull)A, (Azari)

by Anonymous-Armanian (not verified) on

You should know that Iran was ruled for the last 1100 years by Turks/Azaris and in fact the Persians were the victim of their genocide and atrocities. You need to do some reading and see how and why 90% of Iranians became Shia muslim. Start from Saljokis to Qajars and educate yourself about all crimes that they committed against the Iranians/Persians(Zoroastrains, Armenians, Jews, Bahaies...) then you will be ashamed for calling yourself a Truk!!!!!!. IRI-ruler Ali Kahmanei is an Azari too!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


To BringPeace

by Ehsan_USA (not verified) on

Since you are not able to handle the truth and give a logical response to what I say , your only alternative would be ignorance. You wont be able to ignore voice of 30 million Azeri Turks in Iran fighting for their rights. We have now many student movements in universities and step by step people are getting more aware of persian chovounism. You will see the result soon . That would be the dark day for persian fascism and fascist people.



by caramel on

I dont know if you realize it or not, but you sound REALLY bitter. And generally speaking, you always sound like that (i've read many of your posts on this site). Listen, im half-azari myself so i'm very familiar with azaris, and apart from you, i've never met any azaris that feel seperated from the Iranian identity. And why on earth you like to identify yourself with Turkie, i also dont understand. Turkie is a different country and does not represent Iranian-azaris. Also, you say that you dont give a damn about Iran, then why are you on this site?


People like Ehsan-USA

by BringPeace (not verified) on

We must ignore people like Ehsan-USA. It is clear that he is only on this site to provoke strife. Responding to his comments is like giving him more credit to be on this site.


To Iranian-Azari?

by Ehsan_USA (not verified) on

I am not sure if you are really Azeri or pretending to be. If you are Azeri , then you are assimilated and you are what we call "Mankurt" and I don't have anything to discuss with likes you. If you look back to other comments you can see in many of these comments people are saying Turks steal Persian songs. Then they don't say or don't know that they have many songs that have been inspired by Turkish songs. Eshek Mankurtin biri mankurt , dash sen tekinlerin bashina dushsun. By the way I am Azerbaycani Turk and don't give a damn to Iran. adam khejalat mikeshe bege Iranie.


to Proud Turk

by Proud Iranian-Azari (not verified) on

I don't see many people here talking about Turks stealing Persian songs. I think you have infriority complex bro. and you shouldn't call yourself an Iranian, you are a Turk. as far as art, Turks have 1000 years to reach the Iranians, and every one knows that except you. Let Turkey produce a Shajarian or Mulavi or Hafez or any one that is atleast comparible to these people and then I'll talk to you.

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

Glad you mentioned the beautiful and Breathtaking Ajda Pekkan.

Here is her Version


She made a Huge impact as the Turkish Grace Kelly in the 1970's and was even a Star in France singing in Perfect French without the slightest accent along with Enrico Macias.

Watch Video 1 & 2

She also sung at the Eurovision Contest on behalf of Turkey in 1980 and her song's title was ironically prophetic it was called Petrol aka Oil: Here it is video



To Ali G

by Anonymous08 (not verified) on

Ali G , "IF you go away" by terry jacks in the begynning of 70s is much different to Age ye rooz.. you don't need to know much about music to understand that!

Age ye rooz LP (all songs) is a work by Faramarz Aslani & Armik. None of them has borrowed another musicians' work!


Proud Turk

by Ehsan_USA (not verified) on

you Persians have stolen Turkish songs and melodies many many times but nobody complained about it. Now that you see just one persian song inspired a turkish singer , you are claiming that Turks are stealing your songs. khejalatam khub chiziye vallah, roo ra beram! I can list many many Iranian songs that are originally TURKISH. Turkish music is the best in the world. Turkish music and singers are internationally popular.Turkey won eurovision last year .... "Honar nazde Torkha hasto Bas" .Tarkan is international megastar ! wait a minute , of course Javad Yasari and Shamayee Zade are also poplular !


Thanks Ali G.

by Mehran-001 (not verified) on

For setting the record straight. Sometimes I wish we had a genealogy of songs so we could always go back and see how things evolve over time.


The origin of this song is not Persian.

by Ali G. (not verified) on

This song and Framarz Aslani's "Ageh ye Rooz" are similar to the songs with the same theme, called "If You Go Away".
There are many performances with different Lyrics in different languages, but all have the same theme,
I thinks they are based on the old French song "Ne Me Quitte Pas" by Jacques Brel.

Here is the link the to the original Ne Me Quitte Pas:


My favorite one is by the French singer (German origin) Patricia Kass in the movie "Ladies and Gentlemen".
Her is the link:



Borrowed Turkish Melodies

by pedram (not verified) on

So that you know, this song was originally "borrowed" from Iran by Ajda Pekkan, the famous Turkish singer who came to Iran in the late 1970s. The original version was performed in 1981.

Here is a brief list of songs that were borrowed by Iranians from Turkey...the list is actually a lot longer, but these are the ones I remember right now.

Song Singer
------- --------
Kavir Del Marjan
Azizam Beti/Rasaii
Havas Shohreh
Do Koli Tatar
Abi Abi Elaheh / Nazari
Gole Sangam Hayedeh/ Sattar /Emel Sayin (some claim the original was turkish!)

Also we have borrowed HEAVILY from Armenian / Arabic & Afghani music.


Nice song, but i like the

by roshan f (not verified) on

Nice song, but i like the Faramarz A. song much much more.
Nobody is stealing... they are copying we do too.


Very nice song.

by Anonymous3 (not verified) on

Very nice song.


Faramarz Aslani song

by 34 (not verified) on

I absolutely Love this Faramarz Aslani song.
I like his song SO much more, but
that doesn't go to say this song is not good in it's own genre.

If you remenber guys, for many years "WE" have borrowed from Indian, Afghani, Arabic, Turkish music and MORE... and "THEY" have from us!

It does not mean anybody is stealing from anybody!
...and as it is obvious "Honar nazd Iranian ast o bas" no longer holds water!
It was true way back when, perhaps, but no nation holds the exclusive right to Honar! I'm sure you've come to ralize that by now!


Why do some

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

people turn everything into race issue. Persians are no better than Turks, Kurds and others. We all have benefit eachothers. So she stole the what..There are alot of greek and Arabic songs that Persians used as well. It is really up to the record company whom can take actions against those stealing the songs. For god sake just enjoy the song


Persians are not center of the universe.

by Anonymoundo (not verified) on

I am a Persian, but I love Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic .... art and culture and their people. During thousands of years we mingled and learned things from each other.



by Immortal Guard (not verified) on

Turks have taken their cultural inspiration from Persians since a Turkish state in Asia Minor came into being. Although they are Sunni Mulsims their culture is mostly an imitation of the Persian culture.


Boring. Sorry.

by BoredAnonymous (not verified) on

Boring. Sorry.


persian version, way better

by nanaz (not verified) on

turk stole it from persian

Mona 19

Music ...

by Mona 19 on not only the language of Sprits, but I believe is the universal language of mankind.

Dear Mr.Kadivar,Thanks brightening our day and sharing this nice clip with us.Have a Wonderful weekend.


Warmest Regards,Mona ;)


I like the original Persian version of the song.

by Anonymously (not verified) on

Faramarz Aslani's song sounds much better than the Turkish version.