Art collection, underground

In the basement of Tehran's Museum of Contemporary Arts

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half of this collection and Britain by Mullahs

by hajiagha on


این مطلب خیلی مهم رو ما یادمان رفته شاه اگر هم دزد بودباز ببین چی برای نسل های بعدی گذاشت و اخوند چی گذاشت و برای همین باید هر ایرانی ایران دوست تعصبا ت مذهبی رو کنار بگذاره و بگه کیرم تو این اسلام که هیچ سودیبه غیر بد بختی برای ما ثمرهای نداشته

car collection of shah worth as$$$$$$and more antiques , fine art  are stolen by Iranian mullahs to Britain , I remmbers a news Khomeni was stupied man he was order to distroy the fine art and collection of shoh , but we lucky no one ever care about thismother  fu...r mullahs and many of them ship out to be in safe place but never returned  in Iran.


Does Art have any meaning in Islam?

by Arty (not verified) on

It’s not for the sake of art or having any clue about the artistic value that they kept these treasures intact they just kept it for MONEY.
Remember how they changed Islamic low about Caviar? Caviar was (and still is) forbidden by Shariat low but they changed it overnight because of their deep pockets.



by AbolHassan Danesh (not verified) on

Let me have a round of applause for the Iranian muslim fundamentalist fro the first time that in the heat of their ideological ferver they paused ... they slowed down ... tehy reflected upon...and unlike taliban's behavior toward the giant statue of Buddha, the fenatics did not destroy these great human art artifact...

For this reason alone I am not going to "Falack" them...