Armenian dance


On YouTube the Polish poster calls it a "nice armenian folk dance performance. Very Persian, very Arian :-) Long live Arian Unity." Forget about the Arian nonsense. Enjoy the great performance.


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Irish "step dancing",

by American Wife (not verified) on

Irish "step dancing", sometimes incorrectly referred to as "riverdancing" originated from the traveling Irish... or gypsies, if you will.  For the most part, dancing became a rebellion against the British... who generally disapproved of it and tried their best to abolish it.  Typical.  So dancing, like Catholicism, became "behind closed doors".   There are several different versions, from very casual to extremely intricate movements. 

135... is Irish step dancing the descendent... or the original  :-0


Racial things we do

by Hajminator on

Europeans are not in majority Aryans!
The Upper Paleolithic peoples are the truly indigenous peoples of Europe. People from this race are members of the northern race who were long-skulled (or dolichocephalic), tall in stature, and possessed pale eyes and skin (Vikings). The racial situation in Europe today may be explained as a mixture of Upper Paleolithic survivors and Mediterraneans who invaded Europe in large numbers during the Neolithic and settled there. There are finally the Caucasoid race which extends well beyond Europe into the Middle East (Persians), Central Asia (Afghanistan and Tajikistan), South Asia (India), North Africa (Berbers), and Northeast Africa (Egyptians).



Why hadn't they followed them

by AnonymBemoon (not verified) on

Can you please tell me what was wrong with our grandpas when they decided to migrate in Persia instead in following the other tribe who came to europe? F***


Please accept my appreciations

by 135 (not verified) on

Dear all,
I really appreciate your concerns and efforts towards my enquiries, by taking your time and sharing your precious knowledge with this hagheer.


May I add 2 cents here?

by Majid on

"Gorjestaan" or Gorgia, had such beautiful women that it beacame the root of "GORGEOUS" in other words " beautiful as a GORGI woman" !

Am I right? 

ebi amirhosseini

Re : Caucasian Medly

by ebi amirhosseini on

Dear unseen 135 friend

As long as my limited knowledge helps me,there were more than 15 Arean/Aryan tribes who migrated from the steppes of Syberia due to harsh climate changes.Their arrival in Iran,happens in three different stages.Another group  goes to present India & mixies with native Mohinjaaros.The rest go to where now is Europe.Most of Europeans have Arean blood in them.You are right exactly the equivalent of Iran in English is Ireland.If you need more info,please email me.

Best wishes


Niceeee (sirum em)

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

Beautiful dance..reminds me of our own dance....This is one of the many things that Kurds and Armenians have in common....

Party Girl

Dear 135

by Party Girl on

I don't know the answers to your many good questions, so I leave it to our resident experts to answer.  I know one thing, though--line dancing is a very ancient and prevalent type of dancing among many different cultures all over the world.  Certainly the Kurdish, Assyrian, and Armenian Iranians dance those dances beautifully in our parts of the world.  All Balkan nations, the Irish and Scotts, and even Pacific Islanders have some type of line dancing in their culture.  Line dancing is also prevalent in the US as a country dance with many different variations and steps. 

I find line dancing extremely comforting to watch.  It is really pleasing to see all those people moving in unison with confidence and closeness and almost a 'tribal' familiarity with each other.  Learning how to do the Kurdish line dance is on my list of 100 things to learn to do before I live a long life!

Have a good week and party on!





The Link(s) between Ireland and Iran

by TalkSpeak on

Since both Irish and Iranian descendants share a common ancestor in the Indo-European family tree, there are some similarities that can be associated between the two cultures, esp. in language. It is also noted that the first people who crossed into Western Europe originated from the Iranian plateau (Media, Persia) from around 3500 B.C. Thus, our Indo-European ancestors spread their language across Europe, reaching places as far as Ireland.


Rast migui Mazloom

by AnonymBemoon (not verified) on

This dance is a commemoration of love. It begins an evening when men and women join each other separately, it becomes quite hot with the tower of men and the circle of fire at the night and finishes in morning when oshagh go away hand in hand. Hal kardim.


Pars to Iran

by siamack salari (not verified) on

Wasn't it Persia's ambassador to Nazi Germany in the 1930's who got caught up in the Aryan supremecy shit and talked Reza Shah into changing our country's beautiful name, Persia to, Iran? I believe this is how it happened. please put $20 into my PayPal account for this piece of information. Thanks!


Caucasian Medley

by 135 (not verified) on

The music is a medley of Azari, Kordish, Ghasem-Abadi(Gilaki), Ghafghazi, and of course Armenian folklore.
Or generally; A Caucasian medley.

Check +2:05, Is the Irish dance a descendant of?

Have you ever noticed; we have Gaelics in Ireland, Gilacs in Iran, Galichs in central Europe. Also there are also similar words in Gaelic and Farsi.

Ireland is called land of Ire's.
What is Iran? The plural of Irs or land of Ir's or Ary's, or what?
I know at some point they changed Pars to Iran, but why they have chosen Iran?

Anyone? historian, linguist? Wise me up, please.


خوش به حالشون


کاش من هم ارمنی بودم



Cool Clip

by TalkSpeak on

Great traditional folk dance video. Loved the song!


LA Director

by Iva (not verified) on

The director of this video clip must have studied under Iranian directors in LA... Camera stays on any subject 3 seocnds or less ... Rule of thumb for directors to be ... a scene must stay in focus for 5 second at the minimum for human eyes/mind to focus and understand what being seen.