Amir Naderi's "Saz Dahani"

"Harmonica": One of the best Iranian films of all time

Set on the sun-drenched southern coast of Iran, from which director Amir Naderi hails, "Harmonica" begins as a young boy receives a musical present from abroad. Fascinated and envious, his friends make him the leader of the pack, as they compete for the privilege of holding the harmonica or even blowing a few notes. No one is more obsessed than Amiroo, gentle and heavy-set, who seems willing to do anything to get close to the harmonica and its owner. Few films have more powerfully depicted the cruelty that is also part of childhood, as games and horseplay take on an increasingly sinister edge.



amazing acts by

by rob (not verified) on

amazing acts by inexperienced children...makes you cry and smile at the same time...that's how a good movie should be...I saw it 30 years ago I still remember the scenes, even " khar e khoshgeleh mo " is becoming part of persian slang.....this is symbolic movie, basically telling you how being attached to most stupid joys of life can make a slave....

Behnam Khazar


by Behnam Khazar on

I should have known that some people may have nostolgic memories of this short movie and calling it "Junk or piece of crap" may have been over the top and un-called for.  My apology to kako Majid.  May be it was better to use the two thumbs down style of Siskel and Ebert film review or beter on scale of 1 to 10, call it 1.5.   However, calling it a "MASTERPIECE" is an insult to many good movies coming from Iran.

I don't mind if someone explain it to me what is this culture of "BAH-BAH" and "CHA'H-CHA'H" and "100 AA'FARIN" for all movies that comes from Iran.  Sometimes on Iranian TV from San Jose I see commercials for Iranian movies and have interviews with audience leaving the theater and they all say "what a fantastic movie" or "the funniest movie they ever seen".   What happened to an honest crtiticism?  What is wrong saying it was a total BS or two hours waste of time?

Last but not the least, many thanks to Anonymous111, Chokh Mam'noon



by Shah Hossein (not verified) on

Iranians are very talented and because of that many of our movies are among the best movies of all time.I enjoy Iranian movies a lot old and new.


The most stupid movie of all times!!!

by Anonymous111 (not verified) on

This is the most stupid movie of all times. As a kid, I was raised in the poorest and richest region in Iran. Iranian children worlds are the most innocent and giving world. These stupid and arrogant so called director and writer, only create the most stupid movies just to get the attention they needs. Somebody should make a documentary movie about the devastating and miserable modern iranian writers, poet, and movie directors. Poor Iranian people who are prisoner of these kind of mentality.


SAZ DAHANI is truly one

by Mitra from khuzistan (not verified) on

SAZ DAHANI is truly one of the best movies. If I am not mistaking it was made before 1979. I watched it as a young girl maybe in 3rd grade or so. We also use talked like Amiroo and the gang for months. Thanks for posting , it brought back losts of fun memories. PERSIAN GULF FOREVER,LOVE MITRA



by Payam S (not verified) on

A perfect demonstration of how inequality breeds two classes of slaves and masters. Even among kids. And I agree, the best moment was when he tossed the SaazDahani into the water and basically freed other potential slaves (other kids).

What year was this movie made? Before or after 1979?



  "piece of crap".??????????????????

by Majid on


 we should not get too excited about every junk and piece of crap that" comes from Iran and call it a MASTERPIECE...."


هر که نقش خو یشتن بیند در آب

باغبان باران و گازر آفتاب

Ask your elders what it means, koochooloo !

Behnam Khazar

Saz Dahani

by Behnam Khazar on

Iran is the number one film industry in the whole middle esat; second to none. Egypt may come a distant second. However, we should not get too excited about every junk and piece of crap that comes from Iran and call it a MASTERPIECE....


This was where my cousin lived

by Abarmard on

According to my cousin, This was filmed right by their neighborhood in Bandar Abbas area. My dearest cousin died in Iran and Iraq war. He looked just like the skinny dude, but when i checked the casts, his name didn't come up. I think he was one of the kids in the movie that didn't have a line. Thanks for this posts, it brings back a lot of memories. Good old days.


One of the best !

by Majid on

Truly one of the best movies I've ever seen. A MASTERPIECE. 

One of the most touching and hearth pumping scene (in my humble opinion) is when Amiroo tosses the damn "saaz dahani" into the ocean!

Another great one is "Bashoo.........".