An American in Isfahan

Sitting along the river near the Khaju Bridge at sunset


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by iri (not verified) on

never before americans (or forigners for that matter) have been so much elevated in the eyes and minds of iranians ... remember in 1994, my family (my american blond / blue wife) and my kids were touring iran and in isfahan, people were lining up to talk to us (to her?), take pictures and invite us to their homes... it was incredible, feeling like bunnch of indian kids running after british colonialists for hand outs in the colonial days... what a pity.


Nice video

by Abarmard on

Thanks for posting this. Nice to see someone is enjoying Iran.

an iranian with a conscious, calm down ;) maraaseme sineh zani raah endaakhti


Iran is beautiful

by Alborzi (not verified) on

I did go to Iran after about 25 years. Isfahan
was beautiful, the people were just great. I had forgotten what was normal. Over there when ever you ask
for price the say "Ghabeli nadareh", and the food was perfect. Most places had toilet farangi too.



by ToofanZeGreat on

At least he has the persian nose, no?



by an iranian with a conscious (not verified) on

if you stll have the slightest of conscious and morality left in you. The soil of this land is still moist with the blood of tens of thousands of men, women, children, young and old who, like you (I assume) loved their country but could not see it ruled by the ungodly tyranny of the Islamic Republic. They chose to take a stand against it. Unlike you, they didn't choose to quietly enjoy a comfortable life in a far away country and return whenever they need to reassure themselves of their good old days or indulge in their families' short-lived hospitalities. Don't go back to Iran, if you can't take a stand against the ruling regime. You owe it to the blood of those less fortunate men and women who did take a stand. The soil is still moist with their blood.


I went back to iran after 30

by Anonymous123456 (not verified) on

I went back to iran after 30 years, not because I wanted to, but because a carring childhood friend insisted that I go back at least once.

I can't tell you how terrified I was on the flight from Germany to Iran. I wasn't concerned about my safety, but I was afraid of all the emotions I had bottled up for more than 30 years, and didn't know if I could deal with them playing out in mind, all at the same time.

Go back and visit your home land. You owe it to your future.

Just get your entry and exit permit paperwork done here before you hope on a flight. (you can do it online at otherwise, they'll give you a run around inside Iran if for nothing other than letting you know that they are indpendant and they have their own way of doing things.

You could possibly hate the mullah's more than I once did, trust me. Go back and visit your home land.


true story that'll put a chill in your spine

by belfegoore (not verified) on

I haven't been back about the same number of years. here is why.
I spent a couple of years in the army during the war in the front and back south and north.
I saw things i wish i hadn't. but i never dream about them, not a flash back in the past 20some years. But from time to time i wake up in cold sweat, having dreamt that i am back and trapped in iran. i feel the weight of a dark chocking oppressive shadow of pure evil
of absolute JAHL and death, sucking away not one soul but a galaxy of souls all at once. this is a degree of fear beyond which life does not exist. And unfortunately iran has been at the eye of this storm for a while. what a kabboos, no amount of drug abuse in iran can take this Kabboos away, it is a shadow that has spread its wings, and will not leave untill you give it what it wants.


what a sweet guy

by IRANdokht on

peaceful, calm and soft-spoken, he described one of the most beautful places in the world...   I loved the clip

Thanks Party Girl




by iSFAHANY (not verified) on

i agree 100%with you


Very Nice!

by Concerned Iranian (not verified) on

It is always very nice to see American tourists in Iran. They (not the American government-types)were always welcome in Iran, before and after 1979. Having said that, while Iranians are quite hospitable themelseves, the country is by no means structured to cater to tourists. Aside from the obvious unreasonable limitations imposed by the government, for example, Hejab, visa restrictions, etc., there are very few places, where an American tourist will feel comfortable. We need new hotels, tourist information centers, guides, and the like. IRI appears to think that they do not need tourits, because no one will know whaht they are doing. But tourism will help Iran, an ancient civiliation. It will re-introduce Iran to the world. An Iran, where there truly are no terrorists. In fact, they are not even anti-American. Tourism will also help Iranians to see and hear other perspectives, a rare treat for the average Iranian, who mistakenly believes he or she is in touch with the world. This cannot be done through Internet. People of these two countries have to see each other face-to-face and exchange their ideas.


I enjoyed the clip. I have

by Amir nasiri (not verified) on

I enjoyed the clip.

I have not been to Iran for 23 years. Every time I sse clips or pictures of my motherland is the best gift to me.

I refuese to travel to Iran because of the Mullahs ruling the country. I don't want them to benfit a penny from me.