Ahmadinejad on NBC

Brian Williams of NBC NEWS Interviews Ahmadinejad


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Be Accurate

by Fair on

Xerxes you are completely entitled to your opinion, and if you think Iran is on the right track, then good for you and be happy.

But please be accurate in your statements. To say that Iran could not make a needle is just not fair. Iran made many things back then, including cars, trucks, buses, appliances, furniture, clothes, iron, steel, electronics, light arms and ammunition, aircraft parts, tires, and was on track to make much more (helicopters, missiles, radars, more aircraft parts, etc.)

And all this during a time when South Korea made NONE or VERY LITTLE OF THE ABOVE. Now go look at South Korea. Iran today manufactures South Korean cars, when it should be the other way around.

In the 1970's, Iran's electronic industry was on par with (if not ahead of) South Korea. Today, Samsung has over $100 billion in sales, making it one of the top 3 electronic companies in the world.

Iran Air was the fastest growing and safest airline in the world, and was very profitable and top notch. They flew some of the longest flight routes in the world. Today, Emirates is the dominant airline of the region. Emirates was founded in 1985, 6 years after the revolution. You know when Iran Air was founded? 1946! Today, Emirates has over $10 billion annual revenue.

And to compare Iran back then to UAE today is not fair at all. Iranians actually worked hard to build their country and get training and education and did a great job. How many UAE Arabs are actually working in their country today? Everything is run by foreigners. There is just no comparison. Iran was a real country. UAE is half Vegas half Hong Kong, just a playground and safe haven for other people's money. They have no decent universities, no industry, nothing. Just money and construction.


I could go on, but will stop here. All I ask is please...


be FAIR.



by Killjoy (not verified) on

Thanks for the videos.

I don't think anyone is falling for Ahmadinejad's lies this time around. The pressure is building up and Ahmadinejad, the warmonger, has no choice, but to lie and pretend he is for peace and negotiations.


xerexs: I admire your

by xerexesfan (not verified) on

xerexs: I admire your exuberant optimism in the midst of obvious sprial downward into a more deranged cesspool...Is it chemically induced or you have an organic brain disease?? Are you under some of kind of hallucenogenic drug? If you can get me some, please don't be greed and share...xoxox

your biggest fan

Babak Khorramdin

Antarinejad ==>liar liar pants on fire

by Babak Khorramdin on



by Killjoy (not verified) on

Look at the stupid expression on Ahmadinejad's face and compare it to a similar expression he adopted when he talked about giving more freedom to young Iranians before he was elected president.

He lied then and he's lying now!

Since his election hundreds of thousands of Iranians have been arrested for wearing "unislamic" clothes or having "improper" hairstyles.


dishab baz in ozgal tapeh ro

by kofri (not verified) on

dishab baz in ozgal tapeh ro didam! sedam chenan raft bala keh aashghal be Iran keh mireseh migeh mardom Iran be US keh mireseh migi dolat amrica??! baad ham miporseh keh kay nuke kar kardeh?? dad zadam keh ww2, keh az dast amsal to e nahs on doran: moselini, hitler, va japoni fashit donya nejat payda kard!!
va khoda rend ra aafarid. Ama nemidoneh keh har chizi payani dareh!


I'm impressed

by Amused (not verified) on

Mahmoud is an extraordinarily handsome and charismatic man. A cross between a younger Clint Eastwood and George Clooney with a dash of Tommy Lee Jones.

He is a true leader in all senses of the word. He is a consummate politician that is driving Iran and, far more importantly, Islam to greatness (which might make the imminent appearance of Mahdi, after centuries of hibernation somewhat redundant). He is a champion of the poor and the needy, especially those of other Muslim countries. He is renowned fashion trend setter with that iconic dirty white jacket. And he is much more besides….

As our highly informed fellow poster, Xerxes, so eloquently states, Iran is progressing and is on its way becoming one of the World’s top three superpowers, thanks to our Mahmoud and the beloved Mullahs. So take that all you haters.

Ps. Xerxes jaan, any chance you arrange for me to get Mahmoud's autograph. I'd be truly grafeful if you could.


he Sucks!!

by AntiREL (not verified) on

what is he thinkin?who cares whether he read the whole Quran ?stupid narrow minded ass ,sorry but i hate him too much , somebody should tell the world that he doesnt represent iranians , we are not muslims , i mean look at the whole region , all hard headed stupid arabs and muslims , we have to tell the world that we are not muslims , we have to save our people from this shame , islam for iranian is a tradition its not even a belief ...OMG i hate this filthy rat .
why we dont despise ISLAM publically ?i always hate it to be called muslim .


Gamas, Gamas

by Andranik (not verified) on

As we say in Armenian, 'Gamas, Gamas', two weeks here, one month there - 6 months here, 4 months there - gradually, but slowly - Bombe' Atom Dorost Khahad Shod

In ha hamash maskhareh baziye' - These Akhounds 'daste' sheytoona az posht mibandan'

Garnik Jan, Kalbas o aragha biyar :) - Be salamati hame'


Neesheto Beband!

by appalled (not verified) on

Mahmoud's problem is not just his stylish Jacket although that sucks big time, its his ugly teeth. Why does he insist on smiling so much with those ugly teeth? Does he think it makes him appear more likable? For crying out loud, someone should tell him to keep his mouth shut.
Neesheto Beband!


Savad is not just going to school

by XerXes (not verified) on

If you think that Shah did a lot for Iran in his thirty some years of kingdom, just take a look at the UAE and see that you don't need to be a genius when the world is pouring money at you. Just know that the same way that they make you rich, they can take that away from you.
Not in Iran.
In the last thirty years, not in social freedom, but in all aspects of the Iranian lives we have advanced. We could not make a needle friends, not a needle. Be ashamed about yourselves living here and judging Iran and the people of Iran with all the difficulties that your governments have got Iran through.
I am not saying that we are living in heavens in Iran, but don't blame the regime for all the shortcomings. We are after all Iranian, just take a look at the LA crowd, just like those LA people, many Iranians sell themselves for a beer. What do you expect?
I do see the glass half full, and that's because I know the Iranians and Iran. We can do much better, and we will, in time. This is just the beginning of a new and politically independent Iran.
This government, unlike all the previous ones, comes from the people and that's why the people get this. Get it?
Just remember that no country has given Iran any gifts and anything that we own inside is the product of us. That, no one can take away. Visit Iran and educate yourselves.


Give Iran and Iranians time

by Shah Hossein (not verified) on

Iranians in Iran are doing just fine and they will do even better in future.Let's have patient, believe in our nation,our Iranian people and stop been so negative.


Che Chizi?

by appalled (not verified) on


If more of those Chizies were Tang Tar in Iran, we wouldn't have all the problems that we are having. LOL.

Zaneh Erooni Takeh, oh Yeah!!!!!!


PR is not only for US & Israel, HE can too!

by gol-dust on

For those of you who criticize xerxes, of course Ahmaghi nejad  would say the best of the situation, not the worse! when you go to an interview, do you try to talk about your achievements or your disasters? When bush talks to the media against iran, doesn't he try to portray iran as evil? does he tell them what is the best about the US economy or the worse? Of course, the spin masters in the US and Israel have been good teachers for the world! They have learned too! Why would Iran criticize itself when they are criticizing it in the world? You want him to put a stamp of approval on their criticism? Of course, he wouldn't fall for it, even though it is true! Since when the US is worried about Iran's economy when they are the ones who have been behind it through limitless sanctions! The Imperialsts! 

He might be ignorant and he is fanatic, but he is not stupid! Much smarter than dumb ass bush! It is an interview with the world, not talking to someone in a basement of the white house.

So, Mr. Xerxes is just saying a lot of iran's achievemnts that is that i have witnessed on my trips, but not the disasters caused by the regime. He looks at the glass half full, and the critics see it half empty! i say, it is much more empty than full depending how you benefitted from the regime!  Be happy, dont' worry! They wouldn't dare attacking Iran! I would love to see Israel attacking Iran! That would be their death wish!


Bravura! are you kidding me?

by Majid on

What you see is what you get.............LOL

That's him! at his best !

I'm sure you've heared this zarb-ol masal in Farsi:

"Vasmeh.......cheshm ro khoshgel tar mikoneh, vali "chizi" ro tang tar nemikoneh" ! 


God, why can't he wear a

by Bravura on

God, why can't he wear a suit? Why can't he just wear a suit? I mean, be a ruthless dictator all you want but at least look good while you're doing it.


The Translator Sucked!!!!!!!!!

by appalled (not verified) on

What a crappy translator was this? Was he an NBC translator or an IRI translator? I got a head ache from having to endure listening to him. If there is a Farsi only version of this interview with MR. El PRSIDENTE please please post it so others won't have to suffer through this crap.

Ba Tashakor-e-Faravan!


Video of Ahmadinejad

by Video of Ahmadinejad (not verified) on

Why put the youtube link, when the ENTIRE FULL INTERVIEW is online on NBC:


please post this

kaleh dar

Greate Halucination !

by kaleh dar on

XerXes , Hay man , what is in your tea !?. is this same regime, that after 30 years ,cannot add the second refinery,  or has more than 13 hours of black out daily. But I have to admit at least IRA is No. 1 in one thing, the number of execuation in one day, Congratulation.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Hi Mammad Jan,

Party Girl suggested posting this interview more than an hour earlier than you. The only difference was that she suggested a video link from MSNBC and I instead picked the one on YouTube. I appreciate your help and suggestions. Keep them coming :)


Your Honor XerXex

by Gholam'e Darbar (not verified) on

To the Greatest XerXes of Them All:
Let’s see now Your Majesty.
Hundred thousands of dead or handicapped in both sides of Iran & Iraq. Rampant open/hidden poverty & prostitution. 25% inflation rate. Super rockets real estate prices to either buy or to rent. Thousands of closed factories. Plundering of peoples’ treasury by a certain groups for the past 30 years. Water & electricity shortage (current power cut of 2hrs/day minimum throughout the country). And the list goes on and on. To Your Honor all so called Eye-ra-nians are morons. But unlike You Fabulousness many of them are more-ons and very few like You Nobility are the most-OFFs and will never be turned ON until they meet the angle of death in fool darkness.


Dear Xerxes; Could you

by Inquiring minds (not verified) on

Dear Xerxes;

Could you please provide us with verifiable sources/links to your astounding claims?

By verifiable sources, I mean internationally renowned sources verifying your claims, not Iranian government state sponsored sources!

Best regards


Jahanshah Jan

by Haj Seyd Mammad (not verified) on

I e-mailed you the link to this video earlier today. I was the 'second' person who viewed it. The first person was 'amir abtahi' who uploaded it to his channel on YouTube, and e-maled it to me.

Could you please explain to me why is this video attributed to 'Party Girl'? :)


Learn Iran

by XerXes (not verified) on

You better learn Iran since Iran knows you well. And all those Eyeranians in the US, instead of keeping their Iranian thinking process and gaining the American, they deleted the eyeranian and thinking all together.
Yes we can. After 30 years, you read it right, THIRTY years of sanctions, wars, threats, and hardship, Iranian nation has not bent a knee and standing tall in all fields.
Iran has not failed and has not been isolated:

-They tried to take the medicines away from the Iranians, Iran became the number three in world in pharmaceuticals after the US and Germany

-They tried to take the military might and equipments from Iran, Iran today exports its ground forces such as tanks, artilliaries and many other weapons to many countries including Turkey and old Soviet States.

-They tried to stop architects and scientists to work with Iran, Iran learned to build the best dams, bridges, highways and high rises nothing less than any developed nations in the world. In scientific papers, Iran is up there, better than even Israel that has the US dollars funds for many of their research.

-They tried to stop Iran from being a regional super power, Iran showed her cultural muscles.

-They stopped helping Iran in building dams and Iran is now building enough dams to satisfy all her needs by 2015.

-They stopped helping Iran developing new energy fields, and Iranians developed the technology, and to show their finger to the enemy, with a large enough words that satellites could see wrote:'We Can'

Yes, respect Iran and Iran will be your friend, otherwise Iranian nation will not kiss anyones ass just because. Either you will learn this or you will continue your ignorance towards Iran.


US balloon of Anti-Iran propaganda is deflating

by Paaeen-e Shahr (not verified) on

Ahmadinejad isn't saying anything different, the only thing that is different is that these "journalists" are actually listening to him. Ahmadinejad doesn't have any new stance. Ahmadinejad has always said that nuclear bombs are useless and are a thing of the past.