Twisting facts

Tampering with U.S. report on Iran nuclear program

MSNBC report on how the Bush Administration in general, and Vice President Cheney in particular, are planning to manipulate facts on Iran's nuclear program -- as they did for Iraq.



OIL Parasite

by Gerengo (not verified) on

1000 000 Iraqis killed for OIL.

Don't know when things went wrong,
Might have been when you were young and strong.



Next Move

by Mehdi on

The logical next move for them is to plant evidence in Iran. They will probably "catch" some IRI agent trying to buy Uranium or something and that completes their "intelligence" report - just like that taxi drive from Iraq who claimed he had evidence that Saddam was building WMD. Scarey.


we don't have freedom of speech in north america ?

by sucks yahoo (not verified) on

for 2 times yahoo Canada cut me on yahoo answer because I had question about racism in Canada and why Canada lies to immigrant in country like Canada and USA when we don't have freedom of speech , and basics of the freedom, Bush like to send troops in Iran for what? how ever I am happy to he try to Iranian get and fuck them hard and teach them same as mistake they did in Iraq,


A Distraction!

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

All these Iran talks and accusations are nothing but a distraction from the big picture: // They don't want people asking, for example: What the hell is going on in Iraq or Afghanistan?


Khoda Zalileshoon Kone'

by Agha Mostafa (not verified) on

Ina Khejalat Nemikeshan. Ba In Kesafatkarihayee Ke' Dar Araq Kardan, Hala Mikhan Biyan Iran. Vaghean Tofe' Gondeh To Soorate' Mojahedeen Khalq Ke' Ba In Obash Hamkari Mikonan. Saltanat Talab Ha Ham Ke' Vaghean Deleshoon Khoshe'. Dorood Be' Tamame' Iranihaye' Vatan Parast.


Twisting facts, Parvandeh sazi

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

The Difference is: In case iran can us do a damn thing, as nobody can deny. So it would not help.
A barking dog ( can ) does not bite. Greeting



by Cyrus- (not verified) on

cheshmo gooshatoono baaz konin;

in ke dige regim nist ke behetoon dorogh begeh.
in msnbc ast va dar khode amrica ke dareh bara shoma kherefta migeh ke Cheney dareh be masoolin etelaat amrica mige parvandeh saazi konin , goore pedar mardom bi-gonah.
hala man midoonam ye goosalei miad va dar javab man payam mizareh ke pas mardom bi gonah dakhel iran chi ??
as hala be oon baba begam ; goozo che be shaghighe?