Seymour Hersh on Iran attack plan, PART 1

CNN interview

The Independent: A plan by the Bush administration to launch surgical strikes on Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps has won the support of Gordon Brown, according to a US report, although a presidential "execute order" required for such an operation has yet to be issued. The report in The New Yorker magazine by the journalist Seymour Hersh states that the White House has concluded that many of its problems in Iraq are the responsibility of Tehran. But rather than conduct an unpopular all-out assault on Iran's nuclear facilities, the US is planning limited air strikes, arguing that they are needed to defend soldiers in Iraq >>> PART 2



I say it again

by Daryush (not verified) on

Amrika hich ghalati nemitavaanad bekonad


Fiction or Fraud??

by Foad on

To all those stooges who claim attack on Iran is either fiction and/or fraud, take notice of the interview.... Foad


hezbolahs waiting for this times

by mullahs (not verified) on

such stupid ideas to attack on Iran and bring oil price up to $50 a liter and perhaps all Arab country where is oil and gas going under attack by Iran don't play with this line