Sen. Gravel: This is Ameirca

U.S. senator's uncommon views on Iran and the war

U.S. Senator Mike Gravel in a conversation with Dennis Wholey on 'This is America.'




Is America waking up or what..?

by What is enough (not verified) on

I am so glad to hear an educated senator this time. War financers want us to attack Iran right now… Hmmm, weren’t they the same people who fed Humeyni years and years in France to bring Shah Pehlevi regime down… If they are going to export democracy(!) again, why did they destroy Iran’s democracy during the Shah era?.. Isn’t it obvious that the money masters see the wars as a different kind of business?.. If that is so, all the people who lost their lives in the wars must be considered a business expense… I guess we have to find another excuse besides the “weapons of mass destruction” today…

Mr. Gravel, thank you sir. With all due respect, I have to let you know that you will never become a president because you are too honest and your speech will not be appreciated by the imperial powers… Or should I say Wall Street cartel…

Mr. Gravel, thank you sir Mr. President…


"no mullahs, no problems" are you kidding?

by Roudabah (not verified) on

If you do not like IRI, Why don't you get your sorry ass to Iran and fight along side of the opposition. Do not prescribing death and destruction for Iranian people. Stay in LA and live your trashy life and leave them alone.


Not America's job or business

by Golly (not verified) on

Not America's business
It is not America's job to get rid of the current government in Iran, it is the people's job. They did it against the shah and the ones who then marched in the streets against the shah have now left the country and are living better lives, instead of protesting against who they put into our country, Iran. Whoever is against the current regime, should stand up and fight. Then the government will be helpless. Don't leave the politics of our country up to America, we don't trust them with their own affairs, let alone a middle eastern's country with oil! Stay away from Iran and our oil,mind our own failing business America.


Too honest, smart, with integrity and can't be bought off

by Ari (not verified) on

Too bad for this country and the world, that honest, smart, pro-peace candidates who will not sell themselves to various interest groups and corporations are marginalized and will not get elected.

The American system for selecting a candidate depends on huge campaign financing from various interest groups (i.e. AIPAC, and other pro-Israeli interest groups, neocons and big business). This is the weeding out process where great candidates never have a chance to rise to power. Instead candidates are chosen based on a popularity contest and $s! This they call this a "democratic" process!!


This is a good guy

by FZ (not verified) on

Senator Gravel is a good guy. All good people should support him; I do.
Now, for all you immoral, treacherous sons of bitches who hide behind their computer screens and key boards supporting, either explicitly or tacitly, evil plans of the Zionist backed neo-cons vis-a-vis Iran, you will all be defeated along with Bush and Cheney, and that disgustingly ugly bitch condoleeza, very soon; you cock sucking bastards.


no mullahs no problems

by no mullahs (not verified) on

Bush attack on Mullahs not on Iranian go head this is best times, they are so dangers ....go head before is to late...


This discussion/debate will

by A.non (not verified) on

This discussion/debate will go nowhere!
I feel the futility of this expressing of opinions!
You are thinking along the lines of a full scale invasion/atomic invasion as beneficial for the country and general public of Iran!!!?
That says it all.
Sleep well.


Thousands of German

by Anonymous234 (not verified) on

Thousands of German civilians were killed during the allied invasion of Germany, however, the German people were freed from their captures. Iranians have been held captive for nearly 30 years where they have been tortured, raped - well, if you don't know by now you are too slow!

It is time to confront the Mullahs, however, as long as there are people like you the mullahs will continue to hold Iranians captive. Unfortunately [ I hope I am wrong], the Mullahs know they will stay in power, because unlike the previous regime they don't shoot in the air! The Mullahs need to be confronted with a force that also shoots back and not in the air.


to Anonymous 234

by A.non (not verified) on

My previous comment was to you.


Are you a little

by A.non (not verified) on

Are you a little slow???...
When a country is attacked the people to die are not picked one by one ...
So you want the US to attack Iran and you'd like a Baghdad type of attack? Would you like fries and a a salad with that too?...
Are you nuts?
We're talking about WAR!!
Death, Destruction, Mutilated and Burned Bodies, Devastation, childern killed in the streets....
What's the matter with you?
You didn't get to see the pictures of people in
Iraq? Haven't you seen the charred bodies of the Iraqi children?
That's WAR for you...
Why are you advocating war? Tell me WHY?


U.S. attacked the wrong country!!!!

by Anonymous234 (not verified) on

They should have attacked Iran and rid that great nation of those mullahs and hizbollaheees!


Too honest for president!

by BestOfIran (not verified) on

Sadly Gravel's presidential campaign banner would read:

"Too smart and honest for president"!

Mr. Gravel you make America proud.


No, you are wrong, Haji-Bimokh

by Anonymus (not verified) on

Hey Hajiagha-Bimokh, Iranians and Canadians hate you because you are a Hezbollahi member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard, who is now defending Bush and his plan to bomb Iran!!! Go learn English!


you rung Mr.

by you rung (not verified) on

just wait Mr, senator untie they boob on you . they are supporting all terrorist around world what you talking about man, I know then and why
because i was be in revolutionary guard