Ron Paul

The good Republican

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul in an interview with Judy Woodruff on PBS NewsHour (Oct 12, 2007). In part 2, he speaks about his position on Iran>>>



A Good Man

by Rostam G (not verified) on

Ron Paul embodies what is good in America. Unfortunately, the forces of "Special Interest" will never allow somebody like him to get to the top.


Ron Paul is a great candidate!

by IranIran44 (not verified) on

You may not agree with everything that he stands for, but in terms of foreign policies, he is better than the neocon-infested Republicans and the neocon-infested democrats. We all know that there is little chance for him to get nominated, but by showing him support, we can at least make his views on foreign policies louder and possibly heard by more Americans. RON PAUL in 2008!


He is all fake!

by Par (not verified) on

He has no knowledge about foreign policy or realistic view of the the danger that this world is facing right now. In other means he is repeating the same rhetorics dictated by the democrats. If we have a president like him in Washington, kiss the US good bye for ever. He is a Wuss!


His International position is .....

by Foad on

The more I dig in RP position the more disappointed I get. I fully support his international position in general and Iran in particular. His national position is the troubling one. He is a libertarian Republican and his national position saying it mildly sucks. He advocates private over government control in all national issues. While private enterprise can excel in certain fields, government excel in others. Leaving Americans health and retirement to private enterprise is a very big false move and very troubling. I hope we ,Iranian American, don't become a single issue group like born again christian and anti-choice groups. Foad