Peace chador

Praying for Peace

Dear Friends,
The first of a series of three, the attached photograph is in a large enough format for you to be able to print and use as you wish. Arlington Cemetry outside Washington DC is the burial ground for the fallen soldiers of the United States. The numbers here have been taken from here. Sadly this is not the final count.
Praying for Peace
Living for Life



Cry for Justice

by chrishmael (not verified) on

Beautiful poem.
So many Americans ignore this suffering.
Some of us do.
We too cry out and pray
for justice in Iraq.

Thank you so much!

Azarin Sadegh

Terrible choice of a symbol

by Azarin Sadegh on

A black chador, the symbol of political Islam, contradicts the meaning of "Peace".


Peace should be wrapped in freedom, equality and respect. A chador ignores women's rights and keeps them enslaved. If the goal of your project is to grab the attention of people on the high number of casualties in this war (which is an excellent goal), by choosing this symbol you have compromised your own success.


Now, instead of talking about the unfair death of military or civilians, we are going to wonder only about the legitimacy of a chador!




Why a chador?

by kjahskjdahskjdas (not verified) on

What is the symbolism of a 'peace chador'?


Khoon of the innocent!

by Gham-Geen (not verified) on

May their soles rest in peace. No doubt that killing is killing, even though much of the military's share of such killings was unintended--so called Collateral Damage. The most heinous criminals in this scenario, I would guess, are the Khoonkhaaran-e Sunni and Shia, who so ruthlessly blew up men, women, and children in the market place, at work, at coffee shops, at weddings, etc.


Cry For Justice

by Shae'r (not verified) on

I asked My Parents on the Dead in Iraq ..
Women, Children, Old and Young ..
I asked Them On The Retribution Of Justice ..
Whether the Crime on the "Weak" Goes "Unpunished" ..
I asked them Whether Indeed There was "Justice" on this Earth ..
I asked them whether a "Just" God would allow such "Atrocities" ..
They answered me "Son, Of Course there is Justice on This Earth" ..
"The Justice May Not Be The Way We Want It" ..
"But There is Justice" ..
How can over a million Iraqis be "Killed" and No Justice ..
How Can Children Be Made "Fatherless" and the Foundation of the World Not Cry ..
How Can Daughters Be Made "Motherless" and The Soul Of Creation Not Shout in "Agony" ..
How Can A Whole Society Be "Dismantled", and The God of Creation Not Wince an Eye ..
Let Me Say This:
If There is No Justice, There is No God ..
If There is No "Comfort" for the Grieving, There is No "Salvation" ..
If There is No "Divine" Retribution, There is No Order ..
And Finally,
If There is No Manifestation of "God's Spirit", There is No Point in Life ..
A Flea isn't Killed without The Whole Universe Knowing about it ..
Let alone an Innocent Woman, An elderly, or a Child ..