"Oxford Union" on IRAN

UK experts debate war & diplomacy

Part (1) of (2): This event took place on October 25, 2007. Includes British politician George Galloway speaking on the "folly" of both the American and British policies >>> PART 2



Deja vu

by Ajam (not verified) on

To me it seems like deja vu... We've seen it all once before! Western media conjuring up a panel to discuss wether Ira(q)n should be bombed or not! It does not matter who is for or against it so long as the issue is repeated over and over, nor is anyone looking for a real solution...

Such methods burrow a page or two from the propaganda book of Goseph goebbels whose main mantra "no matter how big a lie, if repeated enough, people eat it up" served neo-cons well in their run up to the Iraqi adventure. It is not much a challenge to fool the American public opinion (since they're already half-way there!) but it's imperative to have the public opinion in the rest of the world desensitized enough to go along with the U.S. agenda.

Indeed, it's not easy for the U.S. to invade a country (banana republics such as Granada, Panama, Haiti...excepted) without politically, economically and militarily crippling it first and not stumble (e.g. in Vietnam). Hence the U.S. push for sanctions on Iran in parallel to military encirclement and promoting shia/sunny and Arab/Persian divide!




Islamic Republic is sucks...! Sucks to Islamic Republic...!

by Wannabe-Haji (not verified) on

Bombs to drop on Islamic Republic!


To haji

by Bablo (not verified) on

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Stop posting, Haji. Nobody understand your Bad English

by Annnnymus (not verified) on

Haji. You say you don't understand these issues? It's because you're stupid. And we don't understand your English because your English sucks.


why they only talking about Iran all the times

by hajiagha on


I do not understand why Iran, why no one speak about Canada and slavery here, why not Bush and what he did with 30 million Iraqi, why not others country Africa poor hunger why Iran? Thay are looking for free oil, sucks , is times to pay for what british get from Iranian free are oil in many years in the times shah american and british ,thay don't care about human right they care about are oil


A Good Man :)

by Agha Mostafa (not verified) on

In Aghaye' George Galloway Khoob Khedmat Tony Blair Ghoromsagh Resoond. Az "Labor Party" Biroonesh Kardan, va Baad Amad va Kandid "Labor" Ra Shekast Dad. Hame' Migan Ba "Saddam" Nazdik Bood, Vali Rastash Hich Chiz Maaloom Nist. Rooye'hamrafte' Adam Khoobist :)

Darius Kadivar

George Galloway You Sound Fishy

by Darius Kadivar on

He makes good Points against the war but maybe not for the good reasons. He is overly aggressive and offers no real solution to the real debate. What is to be done in regard to nuclear proliferation ?

Also wasn't he one of those former radical leftists who supported all extremist movements in the Middle East and Third World from the PLO to the IRI and Saddam and even the Islamic Revolution ?

I think he shares some of the responsability for the current mess. The Point today is not who hates Bush or his policy but what should be done to solve the conflict and to that I think no one has suggested a proper solution. Sanctions do not work nor will bombing Iran.

This debate looks more like a verbal diarhea of EGOS than a serious debate.