Obama's Iran policy

Barack Obama says that George Bush and Dick Cheney must hear from the American people: "You don't have our support, and you don't have our authorization for another war" in Iran.



It is the time for change

by ironiam (not verified) on

man ke behesh rai midam. kose khare baghiyashon.

in math question digeh cheh kalakieh? booye egelisy mideh.


At least he is speaking out!

by farrad02 on

I know Obama has no chance of getting in Oval Office, but the fact that he is challenging the WHite House line in the public arena helps to make people aware!


No chance!

by give_me_a_break (not verified) on

Does it matter what Obama says about anything. NO! He can say whatever he wants about whoever he wants because his chances of getting into the oval office are: ZERO!


Persian Gulf

by Ali (Iran Supercars) (not verified) on

Hey, he said "Persian Gulf"....he's got my vote. lol.

Anyways, he's playing the fence pretty well, denouncing Bush's tactics against Iran while not confronting the controversial issue of Iran's ties to the Iraqi insurgency. Despite being one of my favorites, he's still a politician involved with politricks.


Finally a real man in the debate

by Ali Baghi (not verified) on

such a rarity in American politics.