Love & sex in today's Iran

Radio documentary

BBC World Service: In Close Up we start a new series exploring some of the world’s most Iconic TV programmes. This week love, illicit sex, farce and paranoia in Iran’s favourite pre-revolutionary TV programme, My Uncle Napoleon. But what can a show from the 1970’s still tell us about Iran today? Ed Butler finds out>>>LISTEN




by killer7 (not verified) on

dige irani vojood nadare ke bekhai azesh defa koni ia besh hamle koni.esme iran zamani layeghe in khak bood ke kooroshe hakhamaneshi padshahesh bood .


Critical of persians,,,,,what about you!

by Majpoo (not verified) on

let them say what they want,,i live in Briton and believe me their way of life is worse than ours, for instance in one area of manchester they found most of the residence of the area have had sex together which meant kids where brothers and sisters. Hay BBC go report that in depth. Proud persian.



ِدختر کاشف السلطنه (not verified)

این انگلیس بیرحم که پرده بکارت مادر ایران را 200 سال پیش جر داد، اکنون در صدد تمسخر آنهائی است که به حق به آنها اعتراض میکنند. گول آنها را نخورید.


Cheghadr Naze'

by Agha Mostafa (not verified) on

Dard o Balash Bekhore' To Sare' har chi Hasoode' :)


nice and good looking women

by Anonymous90 (not verified) on

I like Iranian women with he jab not like western
they more sexy and more beautufull