Leaague of Nations (2)

First Iranian delegation

The first Iranian Delegation to the League of Nations (predecessor to the United Nations). The delegation was headed by Mohamad Ali Foroughi (Zoka-al-Molk), third from left >>> Another photo



Persian Delegation to the League -Oil Concession Dispute?

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From the Right: 1. Abolhassan Hakimi member of (permanent) League of Nations Secretariat 2. Mr Abdol Hossein Sardarie member of League of Nations Secretariat (Mr. A. Sepahbody's brother in law, Mr. F. Sepahbody's maternal uncle) 3. Mr Anoushirvan Sepahbody 4. Mr Abdollah Entezam 6. Mr Mohammad Ali Foroughi (probabbly either Prime Minister or Foreign Secretary at the time) 7. Madam Hakimi wife of Abolhassan Hakimi 8. Movassagh al-Doleh Khajeh Noorie.

A. Hakimi and M. Jamalzadeh were contemporaries at the League working alongside each other (I think they were representatives of Iran. A. Hakimi joined the Secretariat on a permanent basis).  

Amir Rostam



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The photo is probably before 1931, as Foroughi was Prime Minister at that date.

One of the first heads of delegation to the League was Mirza Reza Khan, Arfa-ed-Dowleh (Prince Arfa), who occupied that post in 1925.

Farhad Diba


Inaccurate information?

by Shervin on

I'm not sure about the accuracy of your information. According to Mr.
Sepahbodi this picture is from 1931. Iran (then Persia) joined the
league in 1920, in which case this is not the first Iranian delegation.