Iranians & conspiracy theories

Think line between truth and fiction




Right on

by mam (not verified) on

The message of his video is right on the point. We have to take responsibility for our actions and understand that, if we are weak others will take advantage of us. And that is not their fault. It is our fault that we are weak. So don’t go around blaming British and Americans. If you bend over somebody is going to stick it to you

To all these posters that come here and say everybody is from the mulla regime, this site is called “Iranian” not “Israeli”. Please go to your own filthy site


with money you can buy every things

by hajiagha on


اگر به من آخوند ها پو ل حسابی بدهند حاضرم یک صفحه اینتر نتی راه بیا ندازم رضا خان و رحوی وهمه رو مسخره کنم اما پولش باید کفا یت کنه چون حاح خانم ها بلوند ها خرح داره........


Iranians & Conspiacy Theories

by hajikhanoom (not verified) on

Haji eshtebah gerefti!! Kojaye in too Iran tahiye shodeh? Yekam negah kon, bebin kojast! oon ye televisione digast ke boodjasho akhoond mideh!??? Vali damet garm, inham khodesh shod "conspiracy theory"!!


mullahs TV

by hajiagha on


این تلوزیون آخوندهاست.که برنامه هایش در داخل ایران تهیه می شود.و بودحه آن هم رو آخوندها میدهند


Great video

by Mehdi on

Very high quality production! Thanks!