Iran beats San Francisco

2008 top tourist attractions

What a difference a few months make? Iran (18) beating San Francisco and London for 2008 tourist attraction! Could the dark shadows over Iran's image be finally clearing? -- Mehran

The 53 Places to Go in 2008: #18: IRAN

New York Times: What Axis of Evil? Upscale tour operators are tiptoeing into Iran next year, offering trips that explore the ancient country's Persian treasures and olive-green desert plains. Next spring, the luxury cruise liner Silversea will make stops in the Iranian port city of Bandar Abbas on its Dubai to Dubai cruise. And California-based Distant Horizons (www.distant-horizons.com) is organizing two 18-day trips that start in Tehran and then weave through the once-forbidden countryside, including stops in Shiraz and Isfahan. Prices start at $5,390 per person>>> FULL LIST




by Hassan Danesh, College Professor (not verified) on

Daadaash aragh khonneh haa roo ke baaz mekoneen kenraaresham teryak khonneh haaram baaz bekoneen ke tooreest haa began mardom eron cheghadr azaddeh va democratand... har joor eshgho haal bekhaahee toosh hasht...

daadaash man ke az hogheh naseraddin shaahee vaasseh for foram estefaaddeh mekonam...

Yabnal khashkhaash aflaatoon....

Between Us
When it is ready
It becomes a rounded ball
On the top of
A tall stem
Ready to put a few scars
On its face with a sharp blade
Until blood dripping begins
To prove its manhood
Announcing to the world
By reading this sermon:

"I have come to this world"
"To reduce the size of man's head"
"To that of mine"
"So this way to make assure"
"Equality pervails"
"Between us"
A. Danesh
Copyright ©2007 A. H. Danesh

Curious Joe

Imagining the Western Tourists in an Iranian Bus

by Curious Joe on

Back in early 70s (over 30 years ago), I was working as an International Business Development Manager for Brunswick Corporation in the US that made Bowling Alleys.  I set up a 4-lane bowling at Shah's Niavaran Palace, the first bowling alley in Iran.

Then I went to UAE to see if there was a market for bowling alleys there.  There was nothing there then.  I remember trying to meet UAE's Minister of Tourism.  I was told he was in Switzerland !!

Eventually, I managed to sell a 6-lane bowling alley to AbuDahbi Hilton hotel, one of the first high class western hotels that opened up in UAE in the 1970s. On the opening night, the Mayor of AbuDahbi attended the inauguration ceremony and decided to throw the first bawling ball.  With his long Arab dressing, as he tried to throw the ball on the freshly oiled lane, he caught his shoes in his long Arab outfit, and fell and slided with the ball all the way through the middle of the lane.  Reporters took many pictures of the Mayor sliding down the lane.  But, of course, he made sure the pictures were not printed in the next day’s local papers.Anyway, I now read that we are going to have a wave of tourism in Iran?  I wonder if a businessman goes to Tehran and wants to meet the Minister of Tourism – he'd be told that the minister is in Paris or San Francisco !! 

Wow.  Tourism in Iran for westerners -- under Chador?  I can just imagine them being separated into men and women sections while trying to swim in the Caspian Sea !!   Reminds me of the Mayor of AbuDahbi.  Very funny – But no pictures please.



Start Building our country NOW!

by IranToday! (not verified) on

Iranians should not put our lives on hold until we get a new government. We should start living our lives and improving our ability to be activists, educating our children, building our country and society starting right now. Political change in Iran is impossible while even Middle Class intellectuals and activists are working three jobs to make ends meet.
I hate hearing Iranians talk about boycotting Iran, or wanting Iranians to be miserable until the regime falls apart. Chesh nadAran bebinand ye irAni zire in dowlat movaffaq shode.
I am no fan of this government or its policies. But yes, I do support any positive policy to promote a strong economy and interactions with the outside world.
Change in Iran is MORE likely when people are successful financially and intellectually. It is far less likely people must struggle to survive. That is why ALL sanctions and restrictions to trade with Iran should be removed NOW!.
Living in America, I cannot legally even donate more than 100$ to an Iranian NGO, not even a cancer clinic, not even the Jewish hospital...It's wrong and absurd and it only hurts our hamvatans back home.


a COUNTRY and a city

by Anonymous-she (not verified) on

What kind of statement is this!? A COUNTRY should not be compared to a city!


the only way Iran can be great country and no mullahs

by Anonymous55 (not verified) on

In Iran also people like to meed others nation , and why Mullahs in Iran trying to show bad picture from Iran to they can stay longer in power, if law justice and love and peace back in Iran , there is no place for mullahs because mullahs are rejecting any thinks like love and fun, and happy, ....and why they like Ashora, or ramezan.....to Iranian all the times crying ....


Haji Agha

by Dr. Javanbakhteh Ghassaabِإ (not verified) on

you are far from the truth. I know you are homesick but those fuckers in Iran are no friend of mine...


of course

by Miz-abdol-azim khaneh Ghareeb (not verified) on

now that they have those tyrants in their hands, they try to promote them as a vacation destination with plenty of whores and young girls for those who can afford it.

What else did you expect? IRI is there to stay and you peopel are so happy that now the tourists are going to your country? What a joke........



by Abol Hassan Danesh (not verified) on

Kar dar Iran bedoon-e koroosh nokareest...

Kee bordast?


Hajiagha I Have To Congratulate You

by Mehdi on

You make a great suggestion! Nothing like spreading goodwill. As the saying goes "you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar." Thanks!


I wish I became president of Iran to:

by hajiagha on


رای مقابله با تحدیدات بوش من پیشنها د دارم....تبلیغات وسیعی از طرف ایران صورت گیرد برای صنعت تو ریست و دعوت از مردم دنیا برای مصافرت به ایران و حتی رایگان و هتل محانی....آمریکاه سعی دارد چهره زشتی از مردم ایران نشان دهد و صنعت توریست هم پول و هم اعتبار احترام بزای ایران خواهد آورد


government of Iran should offer free trips to Iran

by Anonymous33 (not verified) on

If I became president of Iran I will offer prize and free trips to Iran to show Iran is nice country for living, visiting and Iranian also peacefully nation
but this Ahamadinejad looks to me out of the mind...


Wow! Great News!

by Mehdi on

I hope we'll make top 10 next year - or better. This is great news! Open up the borders! Let's have a lot of tourists! Let's have communication between countries! Let's have people find out first-hand who Iranians are, instead of through biased media outlets! Let's put the IRI's government on international display so that they will feel more obliged to clean up their acts! Let's come out of isolation! Awesome!