Imam Rafsanjani?

Poised for leadership

BBC: Former Iranian President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani has been elected speaker of a powerful clerical body responsible for supervising Iran's Supreme Leader. The Assembly of Experts has the power to dismiss the Islamic state's highest authority, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei >>> More photos from FarsNews


Kaveh Nouraee

And in his right hand

by Kaveh Nouraee on

He is probably holding a summary of his recent deposits into his Swiss bank acccount. Wait...he OWNS a Swiss bank.


Maybe I should start selling pistachios.


Unfortunately the entire

by flovius on

Unfortunately the entire human race is degenerate, decadent and vile.

After all, IT IS "THE AMERICAN CENTURY" and they've dragged everything

down to the lowest level, better to steal, murder and pillage,- for PROFIT,

America's God.


And what league is that? The minors?

by Joone-Ammat on

Wow! Beautiful reply from my proud Parthian hamvatan. You've
called me a degenerate and you've never even met me! Good on you mate.
Shows reason, thinking, and logic.

Great way to show your colors and your true internal problems -
the self-hate continues to seep out of you... tell me child, were you
abused at an early age? Actually, spare me the details. Your
comments won't be making their way to my screen ;-)

Have fun in the big leagues big guy!


New Season.

by sk on

New season of JAWS is to start in The Assembly of Experts!


You crack me up!!!

by sk on

It's "thief" not tiff - LOL!

Tiff is a small argument. not people who steal, not DOZD.

Aghajan, use a god-loving SPELL CHECKER. You crack me up! Damet garm!!!


just anothers game

by hajiagha on

as former revolutionary gurad, janbaz jang va baradar shsheid I am sick about all this game , because most of the them on top are tiff and murdered people for power or money non of them honest to Iranian and God


Recycle Leadership!

by ahvazi on

Can we get some new faces up in here!



You are way out of your league

by Parthian on

Joone amat,

Joone amat, joone fak o familet, spare me the psycho babble nonsense! did you just take Psychology 101, and now know what depression is? As you very accurately stated, don't read the comments, stick to the articles you are used to reading. These sort of interactions rubs your honorable senses the wrong way. What you read is my opinion, you are a degenerate, and Iranian people in general are degenerates! Our nation has degenerated to a vastly corrupt, extremely dogmatic waste land. I can name a million reasons for why we are degenerates. But than again I don't have to do that, look at the picture, and it speaks for itself. For us to sit here in 21st century, being ruled by a bunch of mullahs could only mean one thing. It is not the neo-cons stupid, it is the Iranian people!


Rafsanjani being honored ...

by Ghool on

To see the live video clip of this event, please go to the following links:




Oh boy, here we go...

by Joone-Ammat on

Gone are the days when you could come here, read a few articles, and
be on your way.... now, every depressed, confused, self-loathing person
with a chip on his shoulder has to drop a comment for everyone else to
suffer through. Thanks JJ, love the upgrade.

(Yes, I realize that I'm criticizing 'comments' while leaving a
comment myself; I recognize the irony and think it's funny...)

I don't mean to be picking on you 'Parthian', but damn...
speak for yourself. That's no reflection of me, nor is it a
reflection of most Iranis I know. And in my opinion the Iranian
nation doesn't 'deserve' its sad situation.

Why choose the name
'Parthian' when you believe the Iranian people to be degenerates? If you believe yourself to be a
degenerate, please keep it to yourself instead of calling the
rest of us such names.



I like to see..

by Parthian on

A couple of cruise missiles fired at that assembly, right in the center of his stomach. Where are the cruise missiles when you really need them! To have people like that leading our country is truly shameful, and at the end it is a reflection of all us who call ourselves Iranian. Degenerate people deserve degenerate governement.