Hamid Sourian

World champion, again

Hamid Sourian wins gold medal in world greco-roman wrestling championships held in Baku, Azerbaijan. This is his third consecutive gold in the annual world championships >>> Radio Zamaneh
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by amirkabear4u on

Well done and good luck.

Mohammad Ala

I am proud of you. Job well done, I saw how you won the final.

by Mohammad Ala on

Well done.  I watched several of your matches.  The final with Korean was great.

You made us proud in front of the world eyes.  Khili mamnoon. 

Dr. Ala is Professor of Business who teaches in Iran, China, and the US and a Board member of,, and


dastet dard nakoneh pahlevoon...

by jamshid on

Hamid Sourian mamnoon az eftekhari ke baraye Iran aafaridi....



thank you

by hajiagha on

Iranian artist