Flying over Tehran

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A Question

by Daryush_ (not verified) on

Hey agha Bahram chetori ino zabt kardi? man google earth 4.2 ro download kardam vali flight simulator ro nemibinam. Lotfan komak kon.
Mehdi palang jaan, in masalan Kouroush keh Irani nist. hata agar irani sobat koneh. Velesh kon bezaar khodesh booye khodesho raah bendaazeh. faghat behesh begu marg bar esrael keh asabanish koni. lol


Wow Kouroush=Shalom?

by Daryush_ (not verified) on

lol this Shalom, lol, too funny. I guess all I have to say to this bastard is have fun in Jerusalem while you can. lol can't stop laughing knowing some Israeli portending to be Iranian. oh god, too funny.
Xerxes you went a bit too far, but he deserved every bit of it. lol


Show honor up your ass

by XerXes (not verified) on

Shove your Israeli honor up your ass shalom. You fucking sick bastard. Your are as guilty for the blood of innocent people and your thirsty Nazi mind wants more, but now instead of Palestinians you want to kill my brothers and sisters in Iran. Fuck you Shalom. I am not going to call you an Iranian name, harumzadeye madar jendeh. khaaro madareto gaayeedam Israeli past fetrat e khaar kose. boro kire Busho bemak va khafeh khun begeer khaa'en madar sag. nefrin beh kose madaret keh toro zayeed. go to your fucking Israeli sites bastard. We are Iranians and have pride, not like you ass hole who is selling his ass to Bush. What an ass hole mother fucker. Needs to get fucking beaten, something that your unknown dad should've done. Fuck your Israel and I will have tokhmeh aftabgardun seeing you and your family bombed to nothingness.


Israeli...what a fag!!!! lol!!!

by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

Kondeh mullahparasteh akhondzadeh arabzadeh - is this Persian enough for you!

I am not an Israeli, but being mistaken for an Israeli would be an honor to me. They are the only country that has prevented a replay of Iran being anally violated by Arabs. Khaak baresteron ke khareen! You don't know what is good for you, but when the missiles rain down your throats you will realize the road mullahs led you was a dead-end road!

I am going to the store to buy some popcorn [kosher, of course] and get ready for the fireworks.


To Shalom (aka kouroush)

by XerXes (not verified) on

First only an Israeli would spell Kourosh "Kouroush", second you try to bomb my country then your country will be gone. So if Mullas go so do the Zionists. haha got you Shalom


Tehran the Beautiful (Nobody is going to attack my baby!)

by Mehdi palang (not verified) on

If this video is meant to be a simulation of an air-strike, then I have to say OVER MY DEAD BODY!

Kourosh sassanian (obviously a fake alias) you bring shame to Kourosh-e-bozorg, and to the Sassanians. You pretend to be nationalistic but you are the antithesis!! Instead of defending the innocent of Iran during such a sensitive time, you choose to inflame relations between the US and Iran. Do you know what those bombs of America carry in them? They contain depleted uranium (DU).


If you really cared for Iran you would not call for it to be bombed and in effect poisoned for a VERY LONG time(the half-life of DU is 4.51 billion years). Unless you want Iranians to have an increase of cancer for millenia to come, you should keep your warped political views to yourself during this sensitive time.

Be a real patriot and stick up for the land of Iran and its people. Don't call for the death of thousands of innocent Iranians. Look at Iraq... do you want that for Iranians? If so change your name to Joe Johnson because you're definately not Iranian.

PS: (Even though I'm not, I bet that you are going to respond to my comment by saying that I am an IRI pay roll agent, right? Go peddle your trite MeK insults on someone else!)


Cruise missiles never looked so good raining down on Mullahs!!!

by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on


It would nice for once to place these khorossuckers in the same fear they placed Iranians in for that last 27 plus years!!!

I love Google Earth!!!