Life and work of 10 Iranian-Canadian artists

Trailer for Shahin Parhami's "Faces"(2007), a multi-layered, poetic documentary reflecting on Iranian art, culture, politics of representation, history and the power of popular media as it explores the life and work of 10 Iranian-Canadian artists in diaspora.




by Shae'r (not verified) on

To Cherish One's Heritage ..
To Embrace One's Identity ..
To Expound on The Beauty of Iran ..
To Mesmerize Oneself on The "Epiphany" ..
I Declare That Iran's Bosom ..
Is Filled with Great Genius and Promise ..
Sons of Poets and Daughters of Artists ..
Inspiration from 5,000 years Past ..
Ecstasy From The Hearts of the Dervishes ..
Glory From the Writings of Hafez ..
I Stand In Awe and Wonder ..
That The Genius of Our culture Has No Bound ..
Again and again I Tell Myself ..
That This Genius Can Not Be "Suffocated" By Oppression ..
Whether That Comes From The Clergy ..
Or A Misguided King ..
My Heart Is Filled With Joy ..
That My Brethren Though Far Apart ..
Embracing The Very Essence Of Our Nation ..
And Giving Birth For A World To Cry ..
Bless You All ..


is take 2 hours to make copy from Google all this

by hajiagha on


I told you do not stay on Canadian welfare poor , Canada is not right place for artist, you need good tool's , money, and support to create some things nice, after all i did not understand all this and is not your problems is Canada is a crazy place to be artist I meet so many Iranian artist in canada and almost all of them are having same life, poor poor poor poor