Duck a la Siamack

Siamack cooks a rather special duck dish then proceeds to eat it


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Galloping Sia

by racehorse (not verified) on

Siamak jan, you may be a full-bred Iranian, but with that rolly-polly tummy of yours, you ain't no thoroughbred...more like a shetland pony high on the duck a-la-figs. bon appetite mon ami.


One of your best yet!

by Farhad Radmehrian (not verified) on

This was great! I'm surprised how little spice you put on the duck!? Only salt? how about pepper or garlic?
I enjoyed watching you probably as much as you did eating it!
Making corporate consumer videos apparently pays very well!
Good for you.
Keep it up!


Brown Supremacists

by Nazanin (not verified) on

Although, it may have been too traumatic for them to see their dad behead an innocent duck.


Reply to Simin

by siamack (not verified) on

Simin khanom... I am a thorough bred Iranian, my wife is a thoroughbred Indian and my kids have the best of both worlds!


Siamack to yekam bokhor

by Anonyme (not verified) on

Siamack to yekam bokhor bashe? natereki nemishe? Shekle hameleha shodi. Har kudum az un lobat 1 ton vazn daran. Tidy up the house for duck's sake.


No matter how they're

by quack quack (not verified) on

No matter how they're prepared, ducks smell & taste like "lajan", and have too much fat. I think they're cute when alive, by your area lake or pond.


I hope you washed the Duck!

by simone (not verified) on

I did not like the scene of beheading the poor duck! Well, you did not wash the figs and I did not see you washing the duck! No wonder you ate it all by yourself! where were the twins?!!
P.S. i enjoy your video blogs. Are either you or your wife from Indian decent, if I may ask?