Best film ever!

"Davandeh" is one of the greatest Iranian movies directed by Amir Naderi. Plot: Amiro is a young Iranian boy who has lost his home during the Iran - Iraq war. He lives in south of Iran in a port ,spends his days by working odd jobs, dreaming about immigration to foreign countries, until he realizes that the only way that he can realize his dreams is by enrolling in school and working so hard for his goals. Finally there is a competition to see who can run faster and catch a part of ice. Amiro is the winner, because of his strong will.



Does anybody realize how much gas is being wasted every second

by Irooni (not verified) on

As long as I remember these flames all over Khuzestan are burning or better said wasted. This has been going on for decades. Imagine the amount of energy that can be put to use and is being wasted every second. In late 70's, some international companies led by USA, started building some refineries to capture, purify, and liquefied around 600 wells for internal use as well as export to other countries.


Hi, I like the visual aspect

by just me (not verified) on

I like the visual aspect of this movie. i think he tried to capture the audiences' imagination by dramatizing the event and delivering his message. Movie is all about decision and motivation. i was lost, even by the end of running when the boy decide to share his ice we don't see visual expression why he made this decision. it's seem it could turn to be a great movie if he could take his time and work on actors and their motivations.


Nadri was a man of streets

by Khodahafez Rafigh (not verified) on

Nadri was a man of streets and started his job following learning by doing without any academic backgrounds.

As long as Naderi could stay himself his movies were original and likable. Later the poison of being intellectual entered his creativeness and spoiled him. He started to feel responsible to be a part of modern art, dictated by some pseudo intellectuals who had not lived a single day like him.

Naderi had the potential of becoming an excellent director in his own style. Just telling stories he had lived through about people he knew.

After being in united states for decades, he has made some low budget boring movies which could be experimental works of Film college students.

I like him anyway, but not his recent movies ...


same scene?

by Anonymous. (not verified) on

I've seen the running competition scene in Oscar nominated "bachehayeh aseman" also, not sure which movie was first released/made.


Regarding Amir Naderi

by Parham on

Isn't it time we began celebrating him as one of our greatest directors? He is one who, I feel, hasn't had as much credit as he deserves. Some of his movies are, in my opinion, plain magnificent. Ever seen "Aab, Baad va Khaak"?

Darius Kadivar

Only After 79 ? Sorry but Not True Daryush Jan ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

I'm afraid you are wrong my dear friend:

take a look at French Documentary on the origines of cinema that go back to the Qajars


Also State Visit of Mozzaferedin Shah to Paris :


Even Makhmalbaf pays tribute to Cinema before the Revolution in Salam Cinema as well as many references in Nasseredin Shah Actor of Cinema ! 


Never Say NOTHING ;0)

That is why Studying Your History can be useful.



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Something else

by Daryush on

Iranian visual arts started after the revolution, before the revolution there were almost NOTHING. Thanks, makes me happy to see art alive

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

Images are often more Powerful than Words. However the director like the writer is the one who gives a meaning to it.

This is a fantastic Trailer. Thanks for Sharing ...


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