Crack addict

This man is a crack addict in Tehran. His immune system has deteriorated enabling flies to nest eggs on his open wounds. After a period the larva turn into worms and eat their way into the host person's flesh.




by Cristian (not verified) on

I always said: we must invest in a drug treatment center to be built at every corner of a street, but do they listen to me? Of course not... the politicians serve the drug lords because the drug lords put money in their pockets and I think that such a problems tells much about one's character.


It's hard for me to imagine

by gordman on

It's hard for me to imagine that people can reach such a bad degradation state... and all this because of drugs. I am disgusted and intrigued about drugs, they take control on you and then mess with your life in the worse way possible.
Drug treatment center


Hajiagha freedom is everywhere.

by Anonymouse on

Remember when you were Iran and you thought US and Canada would be good?  Now that you are in Canada you say it is bad.  People get tired and say somewhere else is good, then they go there and they find out sky is blue everywhere.  We have freedom and speak against Mullahs, so what? who is listening?  Do you think people in Iran don't know Mullahs are bad?  When you were in Iran you never heard anyone speak bad of Mullahs?  Complaining like this is not going to put bread on your table.  In chizha vasse fati tonboon nemishe.  The world we live in is full of bad, everywhere you look.  There is not a single place in this world where everything is good. Take it easy and enjoy your life, in Canada. 


just be honest what you write or complain about

by hajiagha on


I am not belong to any regime, sucks to Mullahs because why we should have homeless, then sucks to any one campaign about Iran so much when life is every where hard, company about some things like why we don't have freedom of speech in Iran, why we don't have freedom for are women, why we don't have perfect justice system to punish some tiff mullahs. why in Iran khamenei stay in power for long times he not elected by Iranian? like this or a homeless man, come guy's we have more homeless in Canada and in USA, we have more people on drugs or kill by gun or gangs in north America as Iran,

why spending so much money on war he responsible for murederd of over 1,000.000 Iraqi children

are you afried to speack out, better ?

you live in west we have freedom of speech ?


Hajiagha you are Chris Farley! (or his ghost ;-)

by Anonymouse on

Hajiaha do you ever watch Saturday Night Live? It is on TV on Saturday nights, it is live and on NBC, starts at 11:30. There was one guy who unfortunately died, his name was Chris Farley. He was a very funny comedian. When reading your comment I was reminded of him. He played many characters. One character was when he was a "motivational speaker". I think you are too. Seriously. You try hard to make your point and even in your comments here you say you are trying to open people's eyes, so you are a "motivational speaker".

Reading about you living in a Van reminded me of Chris Farley. In real life many of us Iranians have lived in our cars for one time or another.

As the motivational speaker, Chris Farley would say "I used to live in a Van, DOWN BY THE RIVER. Listen to me boys and girls, you don't want to end up like me. Because if you do, you'll be sleeping in a Van DOWN BY THE RIVER!" Sounds like you doesn't it?!

I sent JJ a cartoon entitled "Canada Sucks" and he has chosen not to publish it. Maybe he has refused to publish your cartoons too that's why you have not drawn any new cartoons. Canada is not as bad as you say it is. Where is good? Everything is relative.


Watch Discovery Channel

by Discovery Channel (not verified) on

It is the latest in Medical treatment ...
In case of gangrene maggots are used as a way to clean up dead flesh…

There have been documented cases where people as in this case who where suddenly treated by removing the
maggots had suffered adverse effect and as a result died!


go and watch my you tube

by hajiagha on



sorry but I thinks Iranian in Iran not all of them but many of them having different ideas about life in west they thinks we are living in haven, I know and you know as will there is nothing different between Iran and USA or in Canada where I live, I became homeless in Canada many times I be between the homeless in shalt er, be honest Canada have more homeless as any others modern country, I was living in los angeles also sleeping in van los angeles or any big city in USA also have so many homeless, each month in los angeles over 80 murder or homicide , die by gun or people die because hunger or ....

I do not understand why you guys not honest , be honest , the only things rung with Iran is justice system, and there is no free election fraud in Iranian government, stolen are oil and gas for own and better life are own family or members of this regime .

USA spending american money on war and killing over 500.000 Iraqi...

Canada spending are TAX and are money on gay right or women right, or on politics,computer or clean street can not help me to get better life, in canada when I am homeless and I need job and land and wife....fancy life in canada is nice for rich guy or some one have government job,

for me all of them are sucks, I left Iran from one bad regime to another's, there is no haven, rich people are every where and stupid government not just belong to Iran, and censorship also every where like here on Iranian page , what was happing with my cartoonsMr, JJ?

no one is honest, honest guy is homeless,

poor or homeless unemployment...we have too .

you guys living in kind dreams , open your eyes, and do not lies to Iranian in Iran about your life, this is new world with Internet and technology they know what is going on here in west or if not they will be educated by us or some one else...



by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

1. If fly nests eggs on a open wound, then the secrets and Enzyms PREVENT INFECTIONS. This fact is known since second world war. as some wounded and imobile soldiars could only lay around with open wounds. As some were found, one could see that the wounds are hailed. with all these unreal "news" one can understand well that UTUBE is nnot available in the IRI and the Iranian nation - I mean those iranians who live in the IRI, have founded it and are willing to protect it - do not like to have any Contact with these illminding sources as Utube.And the theory does not hold.
2. The daily life may be in fact harder in the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of IRAN than else where in the world. The bestialic and sadistic pressure from abroad by great and little satans may also be the most importatnt reason for it. How can be daily life in that country as "NICE" as in canada with electrical heater and so on when numerous strangers are standing on the doors, barking and grunting and speaking from atomwar against the nation?. Never the less - as far as I can see - canada may be good, may be the best but when one gets remmembered thousends times a day that one does not belong thwere and when one is asked from absolutly unknowns: When are you going back? In europ it is the comments!
3. it is correct that it was the TAGHUT REGIM which let drugs to find thier way to youth in Iran. The twinsister of him ASHRAF was the chief of Drugcommerze. She was once found with a big bagage in ZURICH/SWITZERLAND full of Cocain. In Iranian Consulate they declared it as Medicin and as the property of the Iranian state. It begann all in that devilish aera. The Honourable Government of the islamic republic of Iran burnes nearly daily tones of Drugs which are explored and taken away from main dealers. allways are the representants of international Bords and the ambassadors of friendly countries invited to assure themselves from the "Happening".
4. I wounder why should i watch Utube at all when I can not believe all it brings? let utube better go! there are other sources which bring the truth which is valuableb for Iranians.
5. I stil can not get what is in the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of IRAN extrem? Is it because that nation is helping itself with new technologie? Is it because that nation does not give "just away" its propertry? Please can somebody help me? WHAT IS EXTREM IN IRAN? Is that EXTREM when the sexuality of poeple can not be commercialised? Is that extrem when the Public must be kept clean? Every body can consume as much alcohol as she7he wishes to. Of course not in the Public. Is it extrem? Please HELP! Thank you and Greeting.,


Don't believe everything on YouTube

by Q on

I have never heard of "larva infestation" in drug addicts. This guy is definitly suffering from something, but if it was just due to drugs, there would be 100s of cases in Iran and elsewhere. I call BS on this explanation.



At least he's getting some help.



To Homeless dude in Canada

by Iva (not verified) on

A well lighted and carpeted room, Electric heater, paid electricity, expensive video camera, computer and fast access to internet to download your homemade movies, etc. etc. You are right, Mr. Namak-Nashnas, Canada sucks!


Reply to Shahrokh T

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by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

Oh the humanity..............:)


Love the way the economy is

by Anonymous299299 (not verified) on

Love the way the economy is run... bunch of idiots in charge...

how much is a barrel of oil...mmmm where is the money then? maybe its the Shah's men still taking the money...



by Long Live the Islamic Republic (not verified) on






To Miss anonymous

by Sophia (not verified) on

I can't understand why everything has to go with "fundamentalist regime".why Iranians connect everything to their government.YOU can find this type of people all around the world;In Europe,Canada, specially in U.S.A. you can find them in subway stations,on the street or abandoned buildings.Do you think most of them drug addict because of their "fundamentalist regime" obviously NOT!
Unfortunately we tend to be not very open minded,we believe what we want to believe.


Blame it Shah and Taghot

by Shahrokh T (not verified) on

Shah has made all people drug addicted. He brought all bad things to our Islamic country. He stole all of our money. Allah has send us Imam Khoamini (Takbir 3 times) to let us know how bad Shah was. Lanat bar Shah. Bego marg bar Shah. Ta Shah kafan nashavad in vatan, vatan nashavad. Nasro men an lah va faton gharib, marg bar in saltanat por farib.



by Lack1 (not verified) on

Please don't compare whats in Iran to Canada!!! In Canada, if one has larva in their wound they can go to any hospital and get care for free...As I'm aware thats not the case in Iran!! Even the people who are helping this guy are treating him like an animal!!!!! What happened to 'bani adam aazayeh yek digarand'????????????/


we have 10000 of them in USA

by Anonymous3 (not verified) on

just go to any down town city in USA?



by Miss Anonymous (not verified) on

Have you noticed the large increase of drug addicts, particularly within teenagers and young adults, in Iran? With all the restrictions imposed by the government, they feel the need to escape their harsh reality with anything that can temporarily ease their pain. And that's why we see someone like this crack addict...he is a product of the fundamentalist regime limiting growth and opportunities in a generation looking for prosperity. How sad...


we have 1000 of them in canada like this

by Anonymous44 (not verified) on

just click on this link I made move about them we have over 1000 of them in canada in a best country in world , they are crazy , what a government can do with them is not a right to keep them in jail and is not so much money to every day buy them news dress.....they live like this they don't have healthy motion


Noble I made thee

by Tahirih (not verified) on

"I created thee rich,why dost thou thyself down to poverty?Noble I made thee,wherewith dost thou abase thyself?"


Economic Problems

by Mona (not verified) on

The arrangements of the circumstances of the people must be such that poverty shall disappear, that everyone, as far as possible, according to his rank and position, shall share in comfort and well-being. We see among us men who are overburdened with riches on the one hand, and on the other those unfortunate ones who starve with nothing; those who possess several stately palaces, and those who have not where to lay their head. … This condition of affairs is wrong, and must be remedied. Now the remedy must be carefully undertaken. It cannot be done by bringing to pass absolute equality between men. Equality is a chimera! It is entirely impracticable. Even if equality could be achieved it could not continue; and if its existence were possible, the whole order of the world would be destroyed. The Law of Order must always obtain in the world of humanity. Either extreme is not good. … When we see poverty allowed to reach a condition of starvation, it is a sure sign that somewhere we shall find tyranny. Men must bestir themselves in this matter, and no longer delay in altering conditions which bring the misery of grinding poverty to a very large number of people.