Christmas in Hormoz Island


I whish you evreything nice for Chrismas and New Year! I am going to Hormoz Island on 25 of Dezember for an Art Festival! We will paint on the shore sand Mandalas and on the walls of caves images with colours which are from the colourful sand. If the water is rising everything will be destroyed.[FULL PAINTING]


Gizella Varga Sinai



Hajiagha pass away in Victoria

by Victoria (not verified) on

sucks to Iranian there is better place to go and add your art
is call you tube


And Merry Christmas and

by jalal (not verified) on

And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too Ms Sinai.


The freeing of Hormoz Island was important for the Iranians....

by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

Visit the Portuguese citadel!


Beautiful Paintings

by Rana (not verified) on

I think we NOW need to understand that the caves will not be defaced or anything of that nature.
So... thanks for the explanation, and I hope the art festival goes well.
This painting and others you have shown on this site are beautiful.
They certainly have a deep nostalgic hue to them.
Sorry if I reacted to this post so strongly, it's just that a lot of art, history and natural beauty has been lost.
Good luck!


please don't paint

by caveman (not verified) on

mother nature is very beautiful, don't ruin it. spare your painting for your own room...jeez, somebody needs to stop this woman


Relax, cave lovers....

by i can read (not verified) on

She said they will paint the caves with paint made from the sand that will wash away with the RELAX...she's not going to be "defacing" anything or causing permanent damage....!!!


I like your art... NOT in caves...

by Rana (not verified) on

Please leave nature alone!
On the sand do what you like... that's fine because it will not destroy nature... but PLEASE LEAVE THE CAVES ALONE!

PS. I like your art, in fact I think it is beautiful work, but messing with the caves... art festival or not... permission given or not... Let the caves keep their natural beauty for all generations to come...


Do NOT DEFACE the caves

by jhag524 (not verified) on

Do NOT DEFACE the caves



by sima hanifeh (not verified) on

Dear Mrs. Sinai
wish you health and joy for Chrismax and the new year as well. i love your artworks.
please give my regards to Samira too.


Paint the caves????

by Mani432 (not verified) on

Are you actually going to deface the caves with your art work? You are going to put permanat grafiti on the islands caves. Pls spare the future generations of your art and keep Iran's caves clean and natural.
Have you heard of using canvas for art????


paint about racism in Canada

by Anonymous7 (not verified) on

hajiagha artist a homeless man in Canada with no art show no sale no painting in last 12 years after land in fucking Canada,good luck and give my messages to Iranian artist do not trust fucking white man with blue eyes mostly British have fun