Ahmadinejad on Charlie Rose

Charlie Rose conversation with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Tuesday, September 25, 2007.


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I was wondering about her also. She is with him everywhere even last year when he came to New York. Every now and then you catch a glimpse of her.



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Ziba: Many

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Many European/American liberals/leftists and Iranian leftists/Islamists shamelessly continue to this day to propagate and justify their actions that brought the Islamic Republic to power on the horrendously exaggerated propaganda claims which the below article exposes so well. The figures in this article were the result of a comprehensive study by a former Islamist who was commissioned by the Islamic Republic to document the numbers that were executed or killed in street clashes with government forces under the late Shah - not only will those of you who read this article be shocked about the numbers (compared to grossly exaggerated propaganda) that were executed/killed but also the nature of these "innocent freedom activists" who were waging a civil war against the Iranian government and threatening the national integrity of Iran - particularly the Communists who were successful in establish two short-lived Soviet puppet Republics in northern Iran which were swiftly crushed by the Imperial Iranian Armed Forces. These were NOT un-armed civilians that you will find in Iran today, such as the women's movement, student's movement and workers movement who demand that their human rights be respected!

Rumours, exaggerated claims by the leaders of the Islamic revolution and a disinformation campaign against the fallen monarchy, not to mention Western media reports that the imperial regime was guilty of "mass murders", has finally been challenged by a former researcher at the Martyrs Foundation (Bonyad Shahid). The findings by Emad al-Din Baghi, now a respected historian, has caused a stir in the Islamic republic for it boldly questions the true number of casualties suffered by the anti-Shah movement between 1963 and 1979. Excerpts:

"In the aftermath of the fall of the Pahlavi dynasty in 1979, Ayatollah Khomeini, the leader of the Islamic revolution, ordered the creation of the Martyrs Foundation with the sole purpose of identifying the names of the so-called "martyrs" and provide financial support for their families as well as those who had sustained injuries in the fierce street battles with royalist troops. The necessary funds were immediately raised from the assets seized from the high officials in the Shah's regime, many of whom had been executed after summary trials...more link below


What the IRI has done in terms of killing dissidents and committing other incalculable mismangment, corruption, thievary and other atrocities dwarf anything that both Pahlavis did during their era. It is well documented by the regime's own supporter.

Also see Akbar Ganji's interview:

ما به مردم دروغ می‌گفتیم، گفتگوی نازی کاموری با اکبر گنجی، راديو زمانه




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Ahlan va sahlan, Arab ha too sahnan!

It's Arabic, but I'm Iranian! What's your next question?



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who is this translator(this woman)? anyone know?


I have a question...

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Does anyone know of any reliable (official?) source as to the number of political prisoners killed by IRI as well as Pahlavi regime (maybe including Reza Shah's era)? I thought the former was on the order of tens of thousands and the latter around hundred(s), which contradict what this guy is saying. Many Thanks. (don't get emotional if you are one-sided, I am just looking for truth beyond politics)


Alabama Boy.

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I am no Ahmadinejad fan, but watching him all over the Media Outlets in recent days; I believe he is an educated and well informed and well-versed politician(Not a statesman)( Siaasatbaaz, nah yek siaasatmadaar.)

His IQ level is well over his American counterpart's. If, as is asserted, he is the truly elected choice of the people of Iran about 2 years ago, then let me compare him with the elected choice of millions of hillbilly suckers, such as the Alabama Boy, about 6 1/2 years ago.

(As stated by himself in response to questions put forth to him during the year 2000 presidental election and later years.), his qualifications, to become the President of the U.S. and thus automatically the leader of the world, are: 1) The book he has ever read is Bible. 2) His role model is Jesus. 3) And he is an Interlocutor(Some one, who like Moses, can talk to God). My question is, did he know he was running for president, not Pope?!

Why do I say he talks to God? Because at the night of the begining of the conquest of Iraq and its consequent gang rape by Bush et al(Including Tony Blair, otherwise known as The Poodle.), he was asked whether he had talked to his father before veturing into Iraq. He responded: Not to my biological one, but I have talked to a Higher Father!!! Considering that Jesus is otherwise known as 'The Prince of peace'; none of those hillbilly reporters, who were present, had the courage, or the intelligence, to ask him how come the man who had advised His followers, if slapped on the face, hold out the other cheek; had approved of Bush's devastating war in Iraq.

My opinion is that Bush had lied in response to all of the above three questions. He has not read the Bible. He just can't read well, and if he does, he won't understand much of it. Jesus, the Prince of peace, is not his role model; and if Bush insists He is, I would give in and say perhaps a role model in reverse!!! That much I can give.

He did not talk to the Higher Father before venturing into Iraq either. If Bush insists he did, then I have no choice, but conclude---considering the sorry state of the Iraq war after 4 1/2 years---that his Higher Father, like George W. himself, is a lousy commander-in-chief, what do you think?!!!

Because hillbillies shch as the Alabama boy, and millions of others, get to choose the leader of the world every 4 years; who in turn makes decisions and does things, which affect the entire world and its population; why then some one out there does not come with a way, and a mechanism; to let the entire polulation of the world have some say in the election of the U. S. president? so that hillbillies, with their limited knowledge of the world and its history, will no longer be the only one to have a say in the world's future. Is this too much to ask?

Kaveh Nouraee

3 cents.....

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Have you ever met someone from Alabama whose first language is English? All this time I thought the primary language in Alabama was Hillbilly.


Mr. Damn It's Long

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Dear Mr. "Damn it is Long"

This is the second time I am here. Previously I had written a quick assessment about Hajiagha.
I am a forensic psychologist and based on an analysis of your writing style, I claim, with close to %100 accuracy, that English is not your first language, and that you have started learning English after the age of abouut 15.
Other likely psychological assessments (these are neutral assessments. I am not trying to put you down)

1 - You are not living in Alabama.
2 - You are likely to be quite short.
3 - You have, or have had in past, serious issues and failures in dealing with members of opposite sex.

This much assessment from a single paragraph, you may ask. The answer is, you have no idea how many psychological foot prints we leave in writing even a short sentence :)



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Are you Arab? It sounds like an Arabic name. Any ways I just wanted to say ahlan va sahlan marhba.

Kaveh Nouraee

Words from a grown-up.....

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Mr. "Long" is it?


I am a blue-blooded Iranian from Southern California.


Anyway, there are indeed good Iranians out there, and I would say more than a few, if for no other reason than the fact that I come from a very large family.


We have not only assimilated ourselves, but in many cases established ourselves. For example, next time you see a package of Hot Pockets microwaveable food, know that it was created by two Iranians. An Iranian is the reason you are able to Google someone without fear of arrest. EBay, PayPal, Yahoo,  yadda yadda yadda.



And while I would very much like to see the IRI become a footnote in the pages of history, as do many others, it bears reminding you that the oil fields belong to the people of Iran. No one is happy with the fact that oil revenues have been stolen by the Iranian goernment from the Iranian people, therefore, don't count on outside powers being able to claim the oil as theirs. Everyone knows the U.S. wants to exhaust the supply of crude worldwide before tapping into their own massive reserves, the magnitudes of which are kept secret on purpose. It's a simple power play. Perhaps if the U.S. would just admit to it, there would be a greater measure of peace and tranquility, which we all want.


As to the American way of life, we can assimilate without having to abandon our traditions and customs (secularly speaking).



God Bless All of Us








Answer to Why? because they don't care

by farrad02 on

Because of the same explanation I gave earlier. The American media is too consumed and worked up about their precious Israel and holocaust.

They wouldn't ask a single question about it, even if Ahmadinejad showed up for an interview session soaked in blood!  Except may be for the headlines the next morning about the possibility of that blood being from one of Ahmadinejad's Jewish victims!

You think Charlie Rose doesn't know what the Mullahs do in Iran? Yes, they know perfectly well. But Iranian lives are not the point here!



Leave the so-called Alabama boy alone! He is definitely Iranian!

by farrad02 on

I strongly suspect (from his English writing) that he is one of us Iranians, trying to rattle our cage and have fun. To ham khosh bash be in red-neck bazit dadash!


Typical KKK mentality from

by Proud to be an Iranian (not verified) on

Typical KKK mentality from Alabama. This guy has never been outside his red-neck town. His IQ is less than 70 and cannot even point to Iran on a map.

Kaveh Nouraee

Bravo, Darius!!

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Darius jaan, I don't know if you were able to watch this and maintain your composure, but bravo for putting this out there.


The translator sounds like Massoumeh Ebtekar. (Just thinking out loud)


The gibberish that comes from this clown's mouth is unreal. When he eats a spoonful of rice, he must take his spoon the long way around his head to his mouth, so as to avoid direct confrontation.


Iranians need to grow up...

by Damn It's Long (not verified) on

I am a blue-blooded American from southern Alabama.
I know there are a few good Iranians out there and most of them have already become Americanized and assimilated well into the American culture.

But for the rest of the folks from Iran, they are useless and frankly consuming too much oxygen and polluting the earth by exhaling too much Co2.

For the sake of the world to live in peace and tranquility, America should make a one flat parking lot out of the Islamic Republic centers of power then take over the oil fields and build a permanent base in Iran until the entire society assimilate to the American way of life.

God Bless Bush and America


Welcome to the circus!.

by Internets on

Mr. Ahmadinejad is not interested in converting much in U.S and the western world's opinion, to his demagogueries and deceitful double talk. All that he is interested is in is to consolidate his own popularity in Iran among his intellectually challenged base and also his hardline backer. He is further interested to preach to the attentive choir, on the Arab streets.


To give attention to Mr. Ahmadinejad is wrong, as he is a mere puppet of the IRI machinery, albeit a very "influential" puppet. The U.S is purposefully inept at clarifying the argument and notoriously ignorant of its colossal mistakes. Ahmadinejad is nothing more than a university "educated" thug. If anyone knows the "Toop Khooneh" type intellectuals , then that person will know the likes of Ahmadinejad. The U.S gave Ahmadinejad the the prestige which he sought on the world stage. Now that you made him, you also deserve to listen to his "Toop Khooneh" mentality, vis a vis, government, world peace and Iranian strategy in the Mid East.

Welcome to the circus!.


To: Farrod02

by Why? (not verified) on

farrad02: Excellent observation. The question is why does Charlie Rose allow him the peddle his lies on his program? Why does the American media allow Ahamdinejad to paint a rosy and outright untruthful picture of state of affairs in Iran in front of millions of Americans?


Congratulations to Charlie Rose

by Mehdi (not verified) on

For a very decent interview. After the president of Columbia University making an ass of himself by acting like a parrot regugitating the slave media, it is very refreshing to see Charlie doing such a great job of journalism. As for Ahmadinejad, I don't think he is evil - I think he is just not very smart to know what is going on. I think he is being used to deflect attention from those who are truly evil and behind most situations in Iran or even the world. I think any effort to bring the sides of the arguments closer to an understanding of each other should be applauded. Charlie definitely took a giant step. Way to go!


For sure he is an Idiot

by CEO (not verified) on

People, please watch this idiot on 31 min, I had to watch it couple of times to see if he is talking about Iran or some other country. He is saying that 30 years ago prisons were all full and people were so poor, well there reason the prisons are not full now because they killed all of them, people in Iran living under such a bad economic condition that is not even comparable to 30 years ago, I hate this idiot.


IRI is trying to get the West's nod of legitimacy

by farrad02 on

All the Mullahs are trying to do with this Ahamadinejad circus is trying to force a nod of approval and acceptance of their regime's "legitimacy" from the West and the United States. It is a fact that even after 30 years of ruling, the Islamic Republic of Iran has never become legitimate in the eys of the World Powers! They deal and do business with the IRI but when it comes to giving it the proverbial "seat at the table", they haven't done that yet!

So, the Mullahs are trying to force this acceptance out of the Americans and the West. The current strategy with Americans for doing this is to keep banging on the Israel and Palestine chord! The Mullahs know how sensitive this subject is in the United Sates. They know how nervous the American politicians and the Jewish lobby gets when Israel's treatment of Palestinians comes up and is explained to American people in the mainstream media! 

Their background assumption is that the Jews and Israeli lobby pretty much control the main levers of power in the US and believe that not letting the Arab-Israeli conflict drop from the headlines and stirring up the emotions on the so-called Arab Street puts extreme political pressure on American politicians and power brokers and gets their attention.

At the same time, through discrete communication channels, the IRI is telling the American government that if they (IRI) are accpeted and given their "place at the table", then all the talk and stirring up about Palestine, etc. will end!

Mark my word; the day IRI reaches a political settlement with the West and especially with the Americans, all their bleeding-heart chrocodile tears about the people of Palestone will dry up! And you won't hear another word about Holocaust!

The Mullahs are just using the Palestinian people as a bargaining chip! And if you review the reactions from the Arab media and people, you get a sense that Arabs know this to a certain extent. That is why the support for Ahmadinejad is pretty tame and limited, at least in the open!




Fuck Ahmadinejad

by Hasan (not verified) on

Fuck this piece of trash and all other members of the Hojatieh Society.
Nothing more than brutal thugs, murderers, and primitive disgusting trolls.



by messenger1352 (not verified) on

oh my god this woman has the most annoying tone and voice!!!!!!!!
running on my nerves.
as disgusting as ahmadinejad's ugly face.


sadid: His main target

by to Sadid (not verified) on

sadid: His main target audience were Islamist terrorists in Iran and other paid arab mercenaries like hizballah in Lebanon and Hamas in Palestine, shia death-squads in Iraq and so on. He did not care much about Western audiences...


Where is the evidence?

by sadid (not verified) on

Yes, where is the evidence? Where is the evidence that the regime in Iran has done anything for Iran in the last almost 30 years? Only one thing has been done. MISERY, MISERY and more MISERY.

The idiot stands in front of the world and gives a sermon. What a laugh! Just look at his face. These people do not believe in personal hygene. Look at what he is wearing. Does he give the image of a leader of a nation?

Go even further and consider the "top idiot", the supreme spritual leader...hehehe...what a joke. What sewer did he come from?

Get out of Iran and let the people live free.


No platform for fascists

by Sickened (not verified) on

The man was an executioner and a torturer in Evin and is wanted in Europe for being involved in assassinating the Kurdish-Iranian leader. He is a thug and represents other corrupt thugs that are descending Iran into its final destruction. Wake up people.

The Islamic Republic is not a sovereign nation, period. It's a client state of China, Russia, and the EU moftkhors. It's a puppet of serveral nations instead of only one during the Shah's time.

It's governance doesn't represent and reinforce the true will of the people, who are the true source of all sovereignty, and the only legitimating base for any state.

In a country where the government cannot, yet, publicly account for the serial killings of the most prominent intellectuals and writers; in a country where thousands of political prisoners have vanished without any culpability (massacring dissidents); in a country where the government manifestly lacks any accountability for its methods and means when it comes to providing for its people (except when it comes to pursuing, terrorizing and killing dissidents); in a resourceful country that almost half of the population lives in poverty, in a country where the future generation of Iranians are going to be left destitude because of massive corruption and thievary of its ruling class, the government that has thus thoroughly proven its incompetence in governance has no right to demand respect. It has not earned it.

Shame on all of you IR supporters. You don't have the interest of Iran or Iranians at heart; only lining your pockets and getting a free ride from IRI. Disgusting.

Jeesh Daram

Thanks for the video DK

by Jeesh Daram on

What we saw here is that Charlie Rose is a civilized man, a good reporter unlike those at CBS and Columbia University and FOX News. What we learned here is to allow your adversaries talk and engage in dialogue and discussions, the truth will gradually come to the surface.

Imagine if the Iranian opposition groups in the west would interact like these two guys that we just watched.




Free will, Justice & Freedom for all ! How about Iranians first?

by Aquaman (not verified) on

The problem with American interviewers is that they don't know much about what happened to IRAN, especially since the revolution!
I would ask Mr. Ahamdinejad : If you claim that people in Palestine & Iraq must be given the right to choose what they want for their future, How come is that in Iran, the Iranian people were banned to choose on their will about their future?
After the revolution, an interim government was established to normalize the country and then when it came to the "Free election" The officials in Charge (with their guns) gave only two choices (in fact only one choice) to Iranian people! ISLAMIC REPUBLIC! Vote YES or NO ! And by the way, we all saw the Revolutionary guards stood there by the voting boots with their machine guns in front of the voters!!!
Not to mention, If Iranians did not vote, they would not have been granted the stamp on their coupon books to get the minimum food for their families!!!
Khar khoodeti, You can fool the world & especially Americans but not us IRANIANS ! Zendeh bad IRAN va IRANI... IRAN will be FREE from your version of ISLAM & INJUSTICE, But only when IRANIANS stop listen to your bullshits & actually rise for their RIGHT FOR FREEDOM...
Reza (San Diego, CA)


He sould just stop talking an go back to where he came from!

by farrad02 on

The more he speaks, the worst he looks!  Who told this guy and his masters in Iran (read Mullahs) that people of the world and their leaders either need or will listen to religious sermons in the UN setting?!  And that people of the world don't know what is going on in this guy's own country!

I think no reporters are asking the tough questions of this guy! and letting him get away with not answering the questions they do ask!

I think the Columbia University president, should have delivered some closing remarks and instead of barking at Ahmadinejad some more about Holocaust and Israel should have returned his questions and asked him what about kindness, respect and democracy for your own people?!