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by Shorts

Payam's response to Ben Madadi's "The art of getting some":

I have been asked frequently to give talks about my life. I have never done that before. Having read this and a few other articles, I have finally decided to write something on Internet for the first time.

A bit about me (this part may sound boastful, but please be patient):

44, practising Muslim, never drinks, always prays and fasts, read Quran regularly, anything from good to very good looking, 178 cm, 81 KG, Stanford PhD (Eng), Stanford MBA, classically trained pianist, full hair, no glasses, co-founder and CEO of a privately-held technology firm with a staff of over 500, and 150+ Million/Year revenue. Married to my dear German wife for last seven years. She is a 34 year-old school teacher, a 177 cm stunner for whom I happily turn away from the whole world. We have "never" been apart for more than a day. It will remain that way.

Life has not always been like that:

After graduating from Sharif, Entered Stanford and the day I got my PhD, I had 5 dollars in bank. Worked for Intel and did a MBA. Started a tech firm and failed.

At 37, while recovering from failure of my first company and death of my dear mother to cancer, I met my wife. My net worth was negative, I had no car, I could barely afford my rent and food. But I was very educated and quite good-looking by any standard. many Iranian girls and their families turned me down because my life was in such a deep trouble. Then I met her. So beautiful and so humble. Agreed to convert to Islam and we married. No pre-marital involvement of the types you modern gentlemen talk about all the time! She married my future potential and my principles which I owe to my faith.

I started out again. It was difficult, very very difficult. She stood with me. She stood with me even that night when we had no money to buy dinner. I slept hungry and she ate an orange. This time God showed us favour and we made it. Now, she can have my entire wealth, if she wants. But she is not that type. Despite our wealth, we live simply. We drive Toyotas not expensive cars. Very few people know my net worth now is over 100 million. My best hobby is to play Ostad Javad Maroufi's "Gila" for my wife and our two beautiful daughters.

I know most you ladies and gentlemen do not like to hear this last part:

It is GOD who brings about situations and circumstances not armschair experts around Internet. It is GOD who gives you stuff and takes stuff away from you. We are weak. very weak. If you ask, ask for his favour.


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I'm very proud to know that you are Iranian and still the same

by Bita (not verified) on

I'm so proud that you remianed the same person even after all of your accomplishments in your life and admire and respect your wife so much. I wish we had moe Iranian men like you who knew the value of love. It is very hard to find people like you these days. Even after all of this you are still helping other Iranians out, usualy in our culture we like to stab each other in the back instead of helping them out. I went through a very bad experiance myself but as what you said if we have faith in god it all happens for a reason I guess. Thank you for giving me HOPE.


Please........... Get real!

by Leila (not verified) on

If I had a 100 million, I would not spend a second here.


Hi Samuel, I received your

by Payam on

Hi Samuel, I received your email. Thank you


Hi Payam

by samuel on

Hi Payam, I sent you an e-mail. Please check your e-mail box. That's very kind of you by supporting these talent people. Regards, Samuel




by Payam on

Hi Samuel,


Wasted talent, specially Iranian talent, is very sad and shameful.


If you wish, send me your friend's CV. If you wish, keep your friend identity anonymous. May be I can do something.


A brief overview of what we do (information for your friend):


We invent, design, and manufacture sophisticated medical devices such as portable dialysis machines, automated cancer detecting machines, and non-invasive drug delivery systems, to name a few.


We hire scientists and engineers in electrical, computer, mechanical, biomedical, biochemistry, biophysics, applied physics, and nanotechnology fields. We also hire medical professionals who are cancer, pathalogy, or oncology specialists.


Our friend who has kindly called me a "khyal baaf" is right. I am a dreamer, and I hire other dreamers, over 400 of them. Some of my brightest dreamers are Iranians, and I am very proud of them.


My article has been put up here without my knowledge. I had posted it under Mr. Madadi's article. I have no idea how and why it ended up here, but may be something good comes out of this.


God bless, and thanks for your comments,



Boastful indeed!

by Majid on

Do you by any chance have a beach front property in Arizona to sell?

We buy it!! We the "GLU-GLU" bunch here in,your targeted audience!

And by the way! what was the point of your make shift story? 

Sheila K

missed the "humanity" part

by Sheila K on

"...that there are Muslims out there that are searching to acquire knowledge and put it into good use for humanity." I am not sure where I saw his good use for humanity.

Sheila K

Arezoo bar javanaan eyb nist!

by Sheila K on

That's all I have to say for MR. Khyal Baaf.



by mrclass on

who are you that every one asks you to talk about your life. some how it's boring for rest of us! guess you read Quran during all those talks.!


It is not always the rule!!

by samuel on

It is not always the rule. You were lucky somehow!  Just to give you an example! I know someone who graduated from Shahid Beheshti medical school ( formerly National University) and I am sure you know how high his Konkoor grade should be to get in and then graduated between the top of his class from that University. He tried 7 times to get the US visa to go for further education but was not granted! He then got a chance to go to Germany. In Germany he worked and studied hard and learned German. In three years he had 10 publications as a first author in well-known international journals. Simply because he was from a not wealthy family, when he left for Germany he only had 1000$. He volunteered and survived to show himself. He was not as handsome as you are so, no German girls and Iranian girls or any nationality paid any attention to him. Even though he can speak German, English and Farsi and more than 15 internationally publications as a first author, this former top  med student doctor and researcher, who already passed both American and Canadian re-qualifying exams, with all of these success, is getting food from a food bank in a small town somewhere in one of the coldest places in Canada. He never gave up and stilling trying so hard to build his career. He doesn't even have a mattress but still studying hard for his goal for further training. I am sure that he tried much more many people you know and may be you but not as lucky as you are! I know this guy very much..... So, you were luckier that you got your visa at the right time, got your scholarship from Stanford and a German girl accepted you for you and you are handsome....


The true ingredients of success…...

by Gorbeh_Pashmalo on

Congratulations on your successful career and I am glad that there are Muslims out there that are searching to acquire knowledge and put it into good use for humanity.

One’s God and religious beliefs to that person are like that person’s private parts. These are simply private to him/her. What makes this world function are the principles of democracy, intellect, vision, planning, hard work, persuasiveness, optimism, positive attitude, discipline, patriotism, and finally hope of a group of forward looking societies such as American, European, and some in Asia. These are the very tenets of success, prosperity, and progress. Without them a society can not be successful. The history has time after time shown that.

Unfortunately a Moslem society can not possess those qualities. Islam, Allah, and Qor’an are supposed to be the main components of a
Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) of a group of people who don’t possess the above attributes! And unfortunately the mullahs are the Voltage Control Oscillators (VCOs) of this PPL system. No wonder this PPL is not tracking and synchronizing!?

Best wishes.