Muslims kill Jewish woman in Iran
30-Nov-2012 (one comment)

A Jewish woman was stabbed to death in Isfahan, Iran, in what her family said was a religiously motivated crime ... the 57-year-old woman, identified as Tuba N., was killed Monday, allegedly by her Muslim neighbors, who had been trying to drive the family from their home and confiscate their property, which is adjacent to a mosque. "The religious radicals even expropriated part of the house and attached it to the mosque's courtyard," [Menashe] Amir said. "The Jewish family appealed to the courts ... despite the threats to their lives." The killing occurred while the woman's husband was in Tehran. "Thugs broke into her home, tied up her two sisters who were living with her, and repeatedly stabbed her to death," Amir said. The attackers then removed her hands ... Amir said members of the city's dwindling Jewish community fear further bloodshed ... The Times [of Israel] said Iranian authorities attempted to cover up the killing and have yet to return the woman's body to her family.


Jewish woman mutilated, possibly by Muslim zealots

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IRI's PressTV dismisses any religious motivation for the killing as foreign propaganda: "In an exclusive interview, [Iran's Jewish MP] Mareh-Sedq rejected as “ridiculous” the claims by certain media outlets that “she was killed because she refused to vacate her house in order to expand the building of a neighboring mosque” ... The Iranian Jewish legislator said he visited Tuba’s house which was in the vicinity of three parks and a house, noting that the only mosque near the house is “three alleys away” ...  Police have arrested a person on suspicion of her killing. Investigations are currently underway to determine the exact cause of the incident ... According to the Iranian Jewish lawmaker, police have arrested four suspects so far. Also speaking to Press TV, Iranian Christian Lawmaker Robert Beglarian stated that no one has ever been killed in Iran because of his or her religious beliefs and values. He also rejected as “political” the claims by foreign media that Mrs. Tuba N. was killed because of her faith."

Noteworthy, is the claim in the video posted above that, based on "the most recent government population study," the number of Jews in Iran has plummeted from a peak of 150 thousand in 1948 to only 8756 currently.  Though I cannot recall the details offhand, I believe the stated population estimate is far below the minimum mandated by the IRI's constitution for there to be a Jewish MP.