Raha TV, Iranian opposition channel, launches in London
Global Post / Lizzy Tomei

The Iranian opposition has a new voice: Raha TV.

The London-based television channel was launched Thursday by Amir Hossein Jahashahi, a businessman and founder of the opposition movement Green Wave, who said he started the channel to promote "free and independent" information, according to Agence France Presse.

According to Sky News, Jahashahi's father was a finance minister under the government of the late Shah, whose overthrow ushered in Iran's first supreme leader.

In spite of his talk of editorial independence, Jahashahi isn't shy about declaring his agenda to “decapitate the current regime,” as he toldRussia Today.

“Raha TV is the TV for change because this regime is immoral, inhuman and unreasonable,” Jahashahi said during a press conference, according to AFP.

"Raha" means "free" in Persian. The channel will broadcast inside Iran over the Internet and via satellite. A third of its staff — 20 people — will consist of freelancers in Iran, AFP said.

In commentary for Sky News, Foreign Affairs Aditorm Tim Marshall wrote that Raha stands little chance ... >>>

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