Iranian analyst: For a fair offer, Iran will compromise on its nuclear program

The Iranian government is so heavily invested in the nuclear project, that if it were to give up this flag, it would mean nothing less than political suicide … Iranian leaders have publicly chained themselves to this issue, to the extent that now it’s a matter of political survival. One cannot just raise one’s hands in surrender after years of investment and sacrifice … but for a fair package deal, which will acknowledge their rights, they will compromise … If they will be offered a decent way out, which can be brought to the [Iranian] public, they will take it ... I am convinced that the Iranians are interested in a deal. Hassan Rowhani, the head of the negotiating team on behalf of Khamenei and Khatami, has recently published a lengthy book which caused a sensation in Iran. According to Rowhani, the Bush administration proposed high-level talks in 2004, but Iran refused the offer. This is particularly interesting considering how in 2003, Iran had sent the Bush administration a proposal to resolve all pending bilateral issues ... The Iranian regime monitors the Hebrew media, and if I am exposed speaking to Israelis, that may constitute a serious problem. They can set you up very easily, often just because you’re working with a high-profile person at whom political enemies want to get back. In such cases they will harm people close to him, and such an interview can provide them with ammunition to libel me.

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