Iran's parliamentary speaker cancels trip after Canada cuts diplomatic relations
vancouversun-AP / Nasser Karimi
08-Sep-2012 (4 comments)

TEHRAN, Iran - Iran's parliamentary speaker cancelled on Saturday a visit to Canada to protest Ottawa's decision to cut diplomatic relations, and Tehran's foreign ministry called "unwise" a five-day deadline set by Canada for Iranian diplomats to leave the country.

Canada shut its embassy in Tehran on Friday accusing the Islamic Republic of being the most significant threat to world peace. The surprise action reinforces the Conservative government's close ties with Tehran's arch foe Israel.

To protest the cutting of ties, Iran's parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani decided not to attend a meeting of legislators from different countries scheduled for late October, Fars news agency said.

Tehran's Foreign Ministry meanwhile said that Ottawa's five-day deadline for its diplomats to leave was "unwise." It said Canada cut relations in an "unprofessional, unconventional, and unjustifiable manner while resorting to misusing international law."

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Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

When the pakistani fm was in town last week, she asked me to work under her cover and stupid! stupid! me declined that generous offer.

still depressed about that.

other than that i ain't been working under no one's behind or cover for that matter.

leesen you eeraanii amreecan okay? you leev de people alone. vee dont sleep tongs.

off to pakistan...see if the offer esteeel estands.


Doctor Mohandes

by Faramarz on



I have always suspected that you are working undercover over there!

But one of these days with one slip of the tongue, you are going to say one of your trademark phrases and expose yourself!

I am watching you man and a Takbeer to you too! 

Dr. Mohandes

Eeett eeez me, the ooofeesial motartranslator!

by Dr. Mohandes on

Yes??? Deeed u call my name?? how meeyy eye khelp you?

you know, you r de enemieeee nomber von of dees nasion. okay?

eye and my teem do a bad azzz job in transbulishitting the commenst ov de everyone een eeraan and you just dont lyke eeet? doz eeet?!

for de ennformasion ov you, know dat i got dees deegreee from the oxesford univerceetee eeen london(of course beckoz eye had to voork hard, dey sent me to shabane esskool een ezmeer. same kollege...deeferen ceetee)

now are you concinved? ve are de best. ve are. you are not. na nana ananan.

vat eez your calculated letter? vat doez she wanted from our peoples?

signature: de offeecial transbullshitter.

by de vey de NAM comes from de movie PARTY where pete cellers kept seying BIRDY NAM NAM...NAM NAM.

now go to bed and esleeep. 


The Best Line!

by Faramarz on



The best line about Canada's decision to cut ties with the Regime came from IR's Foreign Ministry where Mehmanparast said that, "the success of the Non-Aligned meeting in Tehran forced Canada to take such drastic action!"

A good one!

I am beginning to think that they even mess around with the translation of his comments! 

Who is the guy behind the curtains that comes up with these great translations and lines, and so quickly!