Q&A | Jahanshah Javid: From Iranian.com to Iroon.com
pbs.org via Tehran Bureau
29-Aug-2012 (2 comments)

The vast majority of the population inside and outside Iran are becoming more and more frustrated. And what we see online is a reflection of that."

[ interview ] After 17 years running Iranian.comJahanshah Javid, the website's founding publisher and editor, is leaving to start a new project. I emailed him some questions, which he answered while traveling through Latin America.

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Kudos to Mr. Javid

by iranvatan on

Mr. Javid has done a great deal of things for Iranian community and Iranians in general.

We all have to thank peole like him who try to bring us closer together.


One Iran for all Iranians

First Amendment


by First Amendment on

The end of August is almost here, and this is what you get if you google iroon.com..........Now Mr. kadivar you have to promise me that, with the upcoming rules at IC, you will still let me into your blogs.............Javid Shah..Shah javid... Please, please please......I'll be your Gholam..you'll be my Hafez...Or even better I'll bring my sister from Stalingrad to wash your clothes.....you don't have to pay her anything.......just show her your big Gulag and she'll wash even more clothes for you.............