Isolating Iran?
Los Angeles Times / Najmedin Meshkati & Guive Mirfendereski
28-Aug-2012 (2 comments)

During the Truman administration, Secretary of State Dean Acheson's policy of containment of China pushed Chairman Mao Tse-tung to greater extremes and arguably led to the Chinese invasion of southern Korea that produced the Korean War, ensnaring the United States. Likewise, his treatment of President Gamal Abdel Nasser and refusing to fund the construction of the Aswan Dam further radicalized the Egyptian leader, pushing him into the arms of the Soviet Union.

Likewise, imposing more sanctions on Iran would result in further radicalization, adding fuel to the fire of hard-liners and eventually marginalizing the democratic forces in Iran. Instead of sanctions, the West is better advised to support and promote the Iranian private sector, which is the engine of economic growth and social change.

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Mr. Ghaffari,

by Examiner on

It would have been much more useful if you had not stopped
at issuing sophomoric statements such as, “Absolutely not”, “Sanctions are in place so that a regime in fact does make "that" irrational decision”, or “Democracy always wins.”

Don’t you agree that anyone who reads your comment deserves to know from what position of authority and to what question or suggestion by Meshkati and Mirfendereski did you respond with “Absolutely not?” Or, to which “irrational decision” are you referring? Or, how can you reconcile a slogan such as “Democracy always wins” with the fact that democracy has yet to win in the majority of the countries in this world?


Absolutley Not

by mahmoudghaffari on

Sanctions are in place so that a regime in fact does make "that" irrational decision(s) and make the final mistake that will topple them.  The toppling could be perpetrated either by internal stife or my outside attacks.  Either way the end result is the removal of that regime.  So santions are by far the most effective way to combat regimes like Iran.  In the end as we see with Asad's regime, it is done and they are just buying a little more time, but the end result is inevitable.  Democracy always wins.