Iran's supreme leader orders fresh terror attacks on West
The Telegraph (UK) / Con Coughlin
22-Aug-2012 (5 comments)

Intelligence officials believe the recent spate of Iranian attacks has been carried out by the Quds Force's Unit 400, which runs special overseas operations.


Fact or Fiction

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There is no doubt that several recent attempt at terrorist attack around the world were arranged by AL Qud and required Khamenei's approval. Also Khamenei is famous for shortightednes in his strategic choices both domestically (the 2009 fiasco) and abroad where--even as the regime bemoans its worldwide pariah status it engages in (or attempts) repeated covert schemes that reinforce mistrust and detetestation of the regime that seems capable of anything.

On the other hand, the above report may be an attempt by anonymous (neo cons?  hard line factions in Israel?) to exploit Khamenei' stupidity by taking it a step further.   It is likely that Khamenei's covert destabilization and terror schemes will continue simply because the guy is so boneheaded he can't anticipate the negative repercusion.  However, whether he has the capacity to accelerate such attacks--and the potential consequeness of getting caught-I'm not so sure.  



"Field executions" of 46, 25 and 7 before families in 3 places

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That's one sign of a policy change by Khamenei's identical twin in Syria.  

 A second is that in the last week the extent of bombing from the air and the size of bomb used has greatly increased. Yesterday 256 people were killed.  That figure included 12 killed in a field execution and 40 more found dead with clear signs of torture in a basement.

 Today's figures are already approaching 200 and most totals arrive late. At this rate total non-regime deaths could top 7,000 a month with nosigns of stoppage.   Here's today's stats from Enduring America:'

 The death toll in Syria has exploding. According to the Local Coordination Committees, 158 people have been killed by regime forces so far:

98 martyrs were reported in Damascus and its Suburbs (including 46 who were field-executed in Qaboun; 25 who were field-executed in Kafar Souseh and another 7 who were also field-executed in Nahr Aisha), 18 in Idlib, 17 in Daraa, 11 in Homs, 9 in Aleppo, 2 in Hama, 1 in Hasakeh, 1 in Deir Ezzor and 1 in Lattakia.

 This number does not include regime losses.

The numbers in Damascus are astronomical - a clear escalation that could bring the epicenter of the fighting back to the capital.


Quake death toll may be 52 times higher than 306 reported

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Would Khamenei lie?   It's hard to acquire accurate figure in a society where censorship is everywhere and the word of a regime that lies about everything is never trusted.   The above possibility has been raised by MUHAMMAD SAHIMI and DAN GEIST at Tehran Bureau.




Other items of Interest

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Assad's thugs entered the home of a state media reporter who had been too sympathetic to the regime and shot him in the head at point blank range. The story is reminiscent how Khamenei employed covert death squads to target journalists, reform politicians, intellectuals and human rights advocates.



The war in Syria is not just inflicting major damage on the economie of Syria, Jordan and Lebanon, reports in interesting VIDEOS.

As everyone here is aware, the Iraqi regime next door, which has been aiding Iran in evading sanctions is also in danger of fragmenting--a tendency likely to increase after Assad's fall.  I would predict that the first domino to go will be Lebanon and it pro-Assad, pro-IRI regime.  



 SYRIA: Government and banks are running out of money, and a lack of fuel means everything else is grinding to a halt.


JORDAN's economy reels under Syrian turmoil


Trade drops by half as transport problems pile up and Syrian pound depreciates. //


LEBANON's economy hit by Syrian unrest


Prices of goods soar and tourism is hit in neighbouring state as Damascus continue its crackdown on protests. //




Year after year we are like to face situations like the one below for many reaons that is only likely get worse in the coming year for many reasons (excess population growth, reliance on God to provide, the use of biofuels, global warming and the political power of oil-and-coal millionaires like the Koch Brothers who own the uncompromising Tea Party movement and the Republican Party.  

Iran has become vulnerable to catastrophe become misgovernment, corruption, parial status abroad and cheap imports designed to pacify the population have had the effect of destroying both agriculture and industry.  All this could not come at a worse time, climately speaking.


Food riots predicted over US crop failure


Analysts say crippling drought in the US likely to trigger unrest in impoverished nations dependent on food imports. // SPEAKING OF LEBANON Some long time supporters of Hezbollah are growing wiser, as happened to long-time supporters of the Islamic Republic inside Iran.  Rotten policies and rotten consequences have a tendency to awaken minds.  Hezbollah walks a tightrope on Syria violence Recent kidnappings, coupled with the group's support for Syria's government, have alienated some allies. //

Hanin Ghaddar, editor in chief of the pro-March 14 news outlet 
Now Lebanon and an outspoken opponent of Hezbollah, told Al Jazeera the party has been losing supporters, especially from leftist circles, because of its position on Syria.

"They no longer see Hezbollah as a symbol of resistance because of the revolution," she said. "Furthermore, the party has been plagued with corruption since 2006, so it is no longer seen as clean, and since it took control of the government, it has been the worst in terms of services, and the worst in terms of security."

The Lebanese government, of which Hezbollah is a part, has failed to address several domestic issues, alienating its supporters and further stoking tensions with its opponents. Numerous communities have taken to the streets, now on an almost-daily basis, to protest increasing power cuts.




Don't doubt it

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Some elements in IRI WANT war. I don't believe that the neo-cons are to blame for this one.