Syria crisis: US and Turkey consider no-fly zones
The Guardian / Conal Urquhart
11-Aug-2012 (8 comments)
The United States and Turkey are considering imposing no-fly zones and other steps on Syria to help rebel forces, Hillary Clinton has announced.  The US secretary of state sai she and the Turkish foreign minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, agreed to examine the possibility of imposing a flying ban, while Turkish media reported that they were also considering creating safe havens within Syria.


Why not earlier? Two Good Reasons

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REASON #1: You can't take steps like this without massive planning.   For all the criticiism of US hesitancy, I don't see how such a zone would be possible until Syrians accomplish the one key thing that Libyans had done BEFORE a no-fly zone was instituted: They established in the east a substantial zone totally in their control and where the regime had been totally driven out.   Now the FSA has one in Syria's north. It's far more difficult to establish a no fly zone over territory controlled by the enemy.

REASON #2: Previously fragmentation among the opposition also made such a zone impractical.  The steps being taken this week in Turkey to unite the FSA into a national army also make the move easier.




From its contacts inside Syria's military, the FSA reports that 70 percent of the Syrian armored forces has just waiting for air cover to defect along with their equipment.  I suspect that is likely.  I'd also imagine the attitude among artillery troops is similar.      You can't man an army when you can only draw from 10 percent of the population.  



Too late

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Things will only get worse.


Trust the better evil

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We all go by personal experience and hunch, I'd still Turkey and Clinton's intentions over these people:


It's the reason I live in the West and appreciate it, though I respect other points of view.  


دولت ترکیه و اهداف توسعه طلبانه در سوریه


حکومت ترکیه تا پیش از حرکت اعتراضی مردم گرمترین روابط را با رژیم بشار اسد داشت. جلسات پارلمانی مشترک با نمایندگان سوری برگزار میکرد، سیاستهای بشار اسد را تأئید میکرد و هیچ تمایلی هم به "توسعه دمکراسی و حقوق بشر" که امروز ریاکارانه از آن دم میزند، نشان نمیداد. اما بمحض شنیدن صدای انقلاب یک شبه پوست اندازی کرد و پا بمیدان گذاشت تا در واقع به قول "داود اوغلو" وزیر امور خارجه ترکیه انزوای عدم مشارکت در جنگ آمریکا باعراق را جبران کند و در تکمیل پروژۀ انحراف و به شکست کشاندن انقلاب سوریه به ایفای نقش فعال بپردازد.



The "uncivilized" "evil" West

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Clinton talks contingency plans with Turkey


"Yes, we worry about terrorists, PKK, al Qaeda and others taking advantage of the legitimate fight of the Syrian people for their freedom, to use Syria to promote their own agendas, and even to perhaps find footholds to launch attacks against others," Clinton said.....
In Turkey, Clinton also met with Syrian opposition activists whom she described as being committed to building a pluralistic, democratic and inclusive society.


American (jihadi) Idol

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Jihadis of the world, unite; you have nothing to lose but your stage fright. After Bosnia, Chechnya and Afghanistan, the West has fallen in love with you all over again - big time.

As if any extra proof was needed, here it is - straight from the mouth of the US establishment, as personified by the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR). [1]


First Amendment

Al-khabis Al-la-Bashar is........

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........exporting his stockpile of chemical weapons abroad....... :))

or, certainly something like that!

Hands off Syria..........


Even news of a potential no fly zone could spur defections

by FG on

It takes quite a bit of time to put a no fly zone into effect.  Even then, the first targets must be enemy anti-air.  In that gap US appears to be  training the FSA on SAM anti-air missiles purchased in Libya with cash supplied by the USA. Any announcement of a no-fly zone could spur armored defections even before it can be put into place.   Troops sitting in vulnerable tanks or manning vulnerable artillery may defect providing SAMS can clear the air, possibly by pre-arrangement with the FSA.  


If there is an insurrection, do not expect a no fly zone until you can establish a zone controlled totally by rebels--preferably one with external access by land or sea.  Three things must take place first in stages:

1. You must make close up urban terrorism by the regime impractical, driving its forces as it seeks to limit casualties and defections.  

2. At some point, you must switch from "defensive only" to small scale, hit-and-run offense, especially against vulnerable supply lines from which the opposition can equip itself.  Also critical, developing skills with IEDS and giving the regime too much to cover.  It is critical that the regime be given too much to cover.  Khamenei's major assets (heavy weapons designed for conventional war) are rendered virtuallly useless by such tactics.

3. Any resistance should provide opportunites for everyone to contribute--both pacifists and realists.   Ghadhi's tactics could work without a military wing only because he was dealing with the Brits-- not Khamenei, Assad, Stalin or Hitler. Such men despise docility and see it for weakness.  It actually inflames them.  Slaughter never bothers them UNLESS someone hinders it.