ANALYSIS: Iran's spies are losing the war with US and Israel
The Telegraph (UK) / The Daily Beast Christopher Dickey
07-Aug-2012 (one comment)

The powerful Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, its infamous expeditionary unit, the Quds Force, and the network of Hezbollah operatives it supports around the world are starting to look like the proverbial gang that couldn’t shoot straight. They’re still dangerous, to be sure, but a series of recent incidents widely attributed to these groups suggest that as spies, assassins and terrorists, they just aren’t what they used to be. And Tehran is getting worried....

This is a bad moment for the Iranians to discover their fearsome covert operatives are essentially incompetent.



Bad Timing

by FG on

When it comes to military fighting you'll find the IRCG pig-rich political generals just as incompetent and overated I suspect.  As in Syria, top positions in the military depend on loyalty to the Bad Guys not merit or capacity in a fight. 

Unless their minds inhabit the same La La Land as Khamenei, his generals must know that once defections start and the enemy shoots back, most troops can't be depended on to fight for what they hate in an urban environment where also be aware that their troops cannot be depended on to remain loyal if sent into an urban environment where armed resistence forces have already driven on plainclothes thugs and Basilj on motorcycles.  

In consequence, they'll be forced into the same fatal "stand off and pulverize" tactics as Assad thugh they wont be permitted to do it for long.  Meanwhile its side effects will be identical: few enemy combatants killed, far more of one's own troops lost via death or defection  plus a mass shift in public opinion to the opposition.