Iran to send monkey into space after month of Ramadan
02-Aug-2012 (2 comments)

TEHRAN – Iran plans to send a live monkey into
space aboard a rocket called Kavoshgar-5 (explorer-5) after the month of
Ramadan, Iran Space Agency (ISA) Director Hamid Fazeli announced on

Kavoshgar-5, with a weight of about 300 kg, contains a biological capsule in which a rhesus monkey will be placed. Speaking to reporters, Fazeli also said that ISA plans to send the Fajr
(Dawn) satellite into space within the coming few months. The Fajr satellite is a reconnaissance satellite powered by solar energy.  Fazeli also said that Iran will send the satellite into space aboard the upgraded Safir one satellite carrier rocket.  The launch of the satellite into the orbit will be a technological step forward in Iran’s space industry. Iran has already sent three satellites into space. On February 3, the
country successfully launched its third domestically manufactured
satellite, named the Navid (Promise), into orbit. The Safir one
satellite carrier rocket was used to launch the Navid research
satellite. >>>
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Sending Antari/Monkey to space is not a big deal

by IranFirst on


This is something that civilized world did in 1950's, even Argentina sent a monkey in 1969. For IRI and its stupid basijees this may be a big deal, but in reality it is just for propaganda. Any third rate coutry with a cheap N. Korean missle can attach a poor animal to it and claim victory




Military milestone?

by Truthseeker9 on

"Some countries are wary of an Iranian space presence, concerned that the technology used to carry satellites, animals and potentially humans into space could also be used to transport weaponry. A successful round-trip for the monkey could have "worrying implications", says Jasani. "This launch would be a major milestone in a military sense. Iran, like many other spacefaring nations, is developing a space programme not only for the sake of prestige but also for national security reasons."