Iran’s Olympic leader says his athletes will face Israelis after previous withdrawals
Washington Post / washington post
23-Jul-2012 (3 comments)

LONDON — Iranian athletes will compete against Israelis at the London Olympics, according to the country’s chef de mission.

Iran has been criticized in the past because some of its athletes withdrew from events against Israelis at the 2004 Athens Games and 2008 Beijing Games.

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by Faramarz on



Well, as expected, the Regime announced that the Iranian Olympians will not be allowed to compete with the Israeli athletes.

Iran's Judo champion Javad Mahjoob who had a good chance of competing against the Israeli Judo champion Ariel Ze’evi was left in Iran and did not travel to London with the rest of the Iranian team, due to "digestive system infection".

Once again, we see that the three pillars of the Islamic Republic are "Marg bar Amrika", "Marg bar Esraeel" and Hejab, everything else is just window dressing.



Good News, but

by iamfine on

I hope the IRI policy makers will not change their policy in that regard - I have a strong feeling that they would do that

Mohammad Ala

Good news for Iran's athletes

by Mohammad Ala on

This is a good news for Iran's athletes.