Kenya police: Iranian terror suspects shipped 100kg of explosive to hit Western targets
Associated Press
13-Jul-2012 (3 comments)

Two Iranians accused of planning attacks on Western targets in Kenya shipped more than 100 kilograms (220 pounds) of powerful explosive into this East African country, and most of it has not been recovered, a police officer told a court Tuesday.

Iranian nationals Ahmad Abolfathi Mohammad and Sayed Mansour Mousavi are charged with preparing to commit acts intended to cause grievous harm after they were arrested last month and led officials to a 15-kilogram (33-pound) stash of the explosive RDX...

One of the Iranian’s lawyers, David Kirimi, said Tuesday the prosecution was “blowing the matter out of proportion.”....Iran has denied any links to attacks outside its borders.


Dumb move while complaining about sanctions

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NEVERTHELESS... the world should give this "outlaw behavior" regime a break and end sanctions. 

NEVERTHELESS...the world should trust the word of the Supreme Election Rigger and Slaughter of Iranians--the Moral Wonder Extraordinaire--that he has no plans to use nuclear reactors for nuclear weapons

NEVERTHELESS... the world should also believe he wouldn't attempt to sneak a suitcase-size bomb into Saudi Arabia, London, Washington or Israel if he thought he could get away with it.   

Yeah, right! 

The first idea is a joke.  Anyone who believes the second or third is naive.  This short-sighted leader can't look beyond his nose.  He can't stop himself from making shortsighted,  boneheaded moves with the worst possible timing.   Just as he tries to cheer up the population by harshly enforcing more social laws while making nationalistic appeals  for "unity" and "loyalty" at a time when the people have so much to be infuiriated about under his leadership, so his assigned terrorists keep getting caught pulling stunts like this everywhere inthe region as a way to win friends and influence people abroad so they'll let up on the IRI.   

Why would anyone other than the most unscrupulous regime inside or extreme religious fanatic rally around such a regime?

As for Khamenei's recent fatwa swearing his peaceful intentions regarding nuclear plants, Iranians and the entire world can never re-read often enough what an ex-IRCG commander revealed--to no one's surprise--about Khamenei's intentions regarding nukes, his own people and any Iranian general who would balk at inflicting such horrors.   See:





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Morally regime insiders have not the slightest objection to Khamenei's robotic decision making (repression, repression and repression) if it could keep the IRI afloat forever.   Unfortunately the long-term dangers should be evident to anyone with a brain, which raises the question of whether Khamenei has one.  
The stubborn Khamenei looks like a genius only in one area--his amazing ability to alienate as many people as possible--inside and outside Iran.  


In other Iran news (roundup of major items)

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ITEM: Kalemeh claims that Afghan immigrants, the subject of increasing restrictions by the regime in recent weeks, are no longer allowed to drive.  (Shame on the IRI!)

ITEM #2Saham News says that opposition figure Mehdi Karroubi, held under strict house arrests for 17 months, has not been allowed to attend the funeral of his sister. (Shame on Khamenei!)

ITEMthe memorial for Sohrab Arabi, killed three years by the security forces during protests over the Presidential election, was cancelled because of pressure from authorities. (Khamenei's approval was surely required, as in so many other regime crimes).

ITEMThe head of the Iranian armed forces,Hassan Firouzabadi, said that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has long outstayed her usefulness in office and should retire.  (Most Iranians disagree.   They love her).

ITEM: in the past two years, 700,000 jobs have been destroyed in agriculture because of imports and drought.


ITEMforeign rice during the Iranian harvest has been "a catastrophe", with prices for domestic production not covering costs.

ITEM: Amnesty International has called on Iran to end the harassment of the husband and the 12-year-old daughter of Nasrin Sotoudeh, the jailedhuman rights lawyer.

Iranian authorities have recently informed Sotoudeh's husband, Reza Khandan, and their daughter, Mehraveh, that they are subject to a travel ban. Iranian websites also cited Khandan as saying that they have both been summoned to the court.

Activists have described the move as politically motivated and say it is aimed at putting pressure on Sotoudeh who is believed be to under duress to make confessions against her activities. She is serving a six-year jail term in Tehran. 

ITEM:  Iran dismisses militia commanders involved in the British embassy attack



ITEM:  Three Arab Iranians executed after an 'unfair' trial

At a time when Iran is trying (hopelessly) to compete with the Arab world, this is another case of a boneheaded move with boneheaded timing.  Like all other executions, it required the approval of the Supreme Clown. 

As the article notes, "Ahwazi Arabs in Iran often face state discrimination in areas including education, employment politics and culture.  


COMMENT: IRAN IS STARTING TO LOOK LIKE A HOUSE OF CARDS... least Assad could count on the support of minorities.  In Iran minorities have so many reasons to hate the IRI by contrast.   In Syria, major regime insiders and longtime stalwarts haven't been targeted.  In Iran they have. 

...And someone needs to give it a push.


Khamenei seems determined to alienate everyone--inside the country, in the neighborhood, in the West, in Africa and Asia (Thai and Indian plots), etc.

As for minorities, see also the ""no driving rule" for Afghans in Iran.  See the "no higher education" rule and execution of major Bahai.   See the targeting of Azeris and Kurds.   When you add the regime's deep unpopularity among the ethnic Iranian majority and among the military I can't see how this regime can last ,   Even Basilj leaders have started complaining.  

For Iranians it would be best if Assad's ouster occurred  after US elections in November would be best especially if sanctions are still in place.  Regime insiders predict 60 to 70% inflation by late fall.

How about starting the uprising on election day with a mass boycott, followed by a general strike, and then demonstrations--this time with a two-pronged approach as in Syria (large peaceful demonstrations combined with counter-violence and defections when demonstrators are attacked).  

Would Syrians be making so much progress today if they had stuck to the former only (Iran-style)?  

For the life of me, I can't see how the regime can't fear the national climate come next election.  With each one, things get worse.   In 2009, Khamenei grabbed a tiger by the tail.  Ever since he persists of swatting at it to make it angrier.